Friday, February 12, 2016

VALENTINE'S Day Outfit Inspiration

Booties : HERE

Booties : HERE

Valentine's Day is around the corner. A sequined dress paired with Red Booties will be sure to get the attention of that someone special in your life. It can be perfect for a date night.

Have a Great Valentine's Day people & don't forget to spend time with your loved ones, be it any day.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

30th Birthday / Trend: Maxi skirt + crop tops

SKIRT : Here
Scarf: Here
Top: similar

 SKIRT : Here

 Hey There My Beautiful Readers!

It was my 30th Birthday on 2nd February. God! That really did happen! Turned 30! May the 20s rest in peace! I don't want to say that I wasn't happy on my birthday but I guess it was a mixed feeling.

About my Birthday Dress. Well,  yes, It had to be spectacular! This awesome pleated skirt from Shein was exactly what I needed to cheer myself up!

But honestly I think My 20s were totally freaking awesome!

Fell in love & Got married to the most awesome person on earth at 22

Gave birth to an adorable son at 26 & fell in love once again

I also started this blog when I was 26 & made connection with you guys , my awesome readers

I guess I had really awesome 20s

& Now I don't want anything else from life other than just enjoying it with the 2 most wonderful & handsome boys who mean the world to me. & continue connecting with my readers.

Coming back to  the outfit:
Lately I am really loving this trend of wearing crop tops with maxi skirts. I also wore this trend here & here
Crop tops worn with maxi skirt  emphasize the thin waist without looking cheesy
Little bit skin show balances well with the yards of fabric of the skirt

Umm, This being my 30th B'day, I think I should rename this blog " Fashion After 30s " What say guys ?
I think it'll take a while to get "turned 30" out of my head. Guys please bear with me if I look a bit too cranky here! You know the reason!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

How to keep it trendy on a RAINY DAY!

Dress : HERE


Its raining a lot in california & I am glad it is. We need all the rain we can get here in california. How are you dolls keeping it stylish?
Well the options are endless, cute umbrellas, stylish raincoats, Rain boots.
My favorite dress for one such day is this dress, it keeps you warm & dry without sacrificing on the style factor
Some other quilted things that caught my eye

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Reminding Childhood

How to Purchase Lego from USA with USGoBuy

How to Purchase Lego from USA
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Purchase Lego from USA
Taiwan Retailors Purchase Lego from Usgo_buy in bulk. Lego is a company for children. Kids can get any type of toys from the company. You just need to show your children the variety of toys and they would demand to buy all the toys. USGoBuy is always there to cut your costs down. You can leave the cost part and the shipping part to the company. In Taiwan there is a great demand for Lego’s toys. This is company which is originated in America. So it has to be imported in huge amount through USGoBuy in bulk. Many fancy toys are not sold in Taiwan stores. So for that Lego has to be kept in view for children of all ages. Toys of all ranges are available with the company.
Lego Shipping from USA to Taiwan
The company manufactures and designs toys for all age groups. The company designers are aware that what kind of products will be liked by any child. There are different kinds of products available for girls and boys. Girls are mainly attracted towards dolls and boys are mostly towards cars and things such as these. All your demands are kept in view by the company.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Slimming tips with clever styling

It often happens, that a formal dress might just look meh at times, while at other times the same dress might look stunning worn by the same person. 
Why? It often depends on how you style it, how you accessories, the dress might be your main focal point, but its the other pieces in the ensemble that together make or break that outfit.

Here in this outfit I am wearing an indian Kurta as maxi dress, you can find some really pretty ones at

Slimming tips
1) Layering for slimming :  While logic & popular belief is layering adds "extra" to what you actually are. But if you layer smartly, it can actually be slimming & hide your flaws. For instance I am not too fond of my shoulders & arms, this cardi hides my flaws perfectly, while also keeping me warm & cozy in the cold weather

2) PRINTS : This one also works great for me. Busy prints on a darker background creates slimming effect. There is no focal point for the eye & it tricks the mind, camoflages the trouble spots like hiding the pooch, making you look slimmer

3) Decide the length & Emphasize your assets : This dress shows the shapely legs while being flowy, camoflages the middle.

4) Distract with Accessories: A necklace or two draw the eyes away from your flaws 

5) Wear with confidence & keep smiling : I know this one sounds cliche but really everything looks good when you wear it with confidence

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Christams!

CROP TOP : HERE  Price: only US$5.91

Merry Christmas to all my  amazing readers. Hope everyone enjoyed with their families. This is what I wore yesterday, a sequin top from wholesalebuying & a maxi skirt!
I am totally in love with this crop top, it so so beautiful, there are just so many that I plan to wear this, My favorite is this though, paired with skirt. I'd also like to wear it with a sari.
For only $ 5.91, I think I should get one in every color. You can't beat this price
Have wonderful holidays!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Menswear inspired & Christmas wishlist

Pants: Same here
Sunglasses : Similar here

Its a nice look for office & taking your look from office to around the city, running chores, etc. With the "Sneakers everywhere" trend sweeping the streets, maintaining comfort along with style couldn't be easier.
If you like the way I styled this menswear inspired look, you are in luck. You can shop this look from shein. They are also having a big christmas sale up to 60% off
Also checkout my christmas wishlist from shein
Merry Christmas151221
Purple Lenses Red Sleek Sunglasses pictures