Thursday, June 23, 2022

Trend alert: sheer overlay: diy dress

 2022 is creating a lot of buzz in the fashion world, after all people are finally starting to go out and are tired of being in the sweat pants uniform for the last two years, so 2022 is big for fashion, from micro minis to flatforms, from babydoll tops to Y2K comeback, cutouts , going green, etc, and I'm loving all these trends, will try to incorporate each one of these this year and into my blog posts.  Amongst all the 2022 trends sheer overlays. And did I tell you I've been refashioning a lot of my clothes as well, for instance, below is a lace dress I already owned, removed the lining to make it into a sheer overlay which is very hot this summer.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

The secret is in PERFECT SHAPEWEAR

 Hey lovelies,

As you can tell from the title, today we are going to talk about shapewear.  

Wholesale Plunge Low-Back Thong Shapewear Bridal Bodysuit

I am sure many of you like myself, must be struggling with the pandemic weight.

And we all have our problem areas, In my case  the excess weight has a tendency to show through my stomach the most, which sometimes look very unflattering, believe me, I've recently had some pictures clicked that I'd never want to look at again. I wish I knew about wholesale waist trainer then, it'd have been perfect to take care of my problem areas very well. 

Wholesale Compression Black Big Size Latex Waist Slimmer With Sticker Fat Burner Wholesale Waist Cincher

Besides that , ever since my c- section, I've always had that stomach pooch. So to the rescue comes stomach flattening shapewear or a waist cincher (as shown in the picture above) so you can wear your pre-pregnancy clothes again, imagine a perfectly fitted bodycon which shows your curves in the most flattering way, something that I otherwise wouldn't have dreamt of wearing. Well, the secret is a good shapewear.

Wholesale Sexy Lace Breast Support Adjustable Shaper with Hook

I'd highly recommend wearing them not only for special occasions  but also on a regular daily basis, to work, etc

A waist cincher would be good for office, with those pencil skirts.

I'd suggest  a white lacey one , like the one above, would be perfect to go under your wedding dress if you're getting married.

All the bodysuits can be worn bra- free so one less clothing item to worry about , phew!

A bodysuit with front and back plunging necklines can go with a lot of party dresses  so you can dance the night out while looking your fabulous self and without a worry in the world

They come in so many patterns, colors and styles that I guarantee, you'll find something perfect for your stomach, knees, some people want shapely thighs, some have heavy bottoms and want shapely ass, upper tummy, lower tummy, butt lifting etc, in fact,  they have designs that can cover multiple areas at the same time as well .

Best affordable shapewear will not only enhance your assets while giving your form a very flattering shape and silhouette but they're also easy on the pocket. So, have fun shopping and finding one perfect and specific to your needs


Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Importance of choosing right Nitrile Gloves


Protective Gloves are a key point in selecting protective clothing. These Gloves are disposable making from synthetic rubber. They're resilient to deterioration, punctures and provide a lot of potential to deal with various sorts of chemicals, keeping the hands safe. They will not thin or deteriorate from connection with certain chemicals. Additionally for this chemical resistance, oils and acids are less inclined to damage the Gloves making certain your safety factors are protected.

Nitrile Gloves are strong, reliable Gloves when protection for your hands is required.

The advantages of selecting the best Nitrile Gloves are low friction compared to other protective Gloves which makes them simple to slide off and on. They so do not have the coating of powder other Gloves, for example latex Gloves, might have to aid easy put on. Available in an array of sizes to suit everybody, they're an appropriate, versatile glove appropriate for a lot of uses whenever your hands and also the materials you utilize need protection.

Nitrile rubber Gloves are usually utilized as a substitute for those who are affected from your allergy to latex, making other Gloves available on the market unacceptable because of their latex content. 

Because of their resilience to oils, acids and chemicals, nitrile Gloves are appropriate for food handling. Home based environments or industrial manufacturing, nitrile Gloves don't retain the powder coating that may contaminate food and become unacceptable for food handling. They shouldn't be stored under excessive light or heat to be able to safeguard their integrity and make sure the rubber doesn't deteriorate.

Nitrile Gloves are available marked as Medical Grade and are seen as the greatest type of protection rating. To be used in clinics, doctors surgeries and hospitals, nitrile Gloves are simple to get off and on in a rush as needed and could be altered rapidly between tasks. Safety factors are key and also the protection nitrile Gloves offer continues to be tested extensively to supply the healthcare industry with reliable protective put on.

How you can decide When choosing the amount of protection you'll need, consideration ought to be provided to excellence of the glove and also the manufacturers grading to guarantee the glove is going to do its job. People with allergic reactions need to consider the duration they've already the Gloves and also the materials the Gloves are manufactured from so we don't cause any injury to themselves although putting on Gloves and risking non-use although working, growing chance of contamination to food or harm to their personal self, nitrile Gloves are frequently suggested for those who have a latex allergy.

Latex, vinyl and nitrile Gloves are graded consistent with their use and protective capacity Medical grade Gloves are utilized by this sort of profession along with other high-risk environments and are seen as the greatest specs. In addition to medical preparing food and packaging, Nitrile Disposable Gloves can as well be be utilized in other utility areas. Painters and decorators could use nitrile Gloves, because they are simple to slip off and on to safeguard themselves from chemical spills and paint. Other tasks for example household cleaning, handling for cleaning fluids and chemicals or industrial cleaning will also be tasks you possibly can make utilization of simple to put on nitrile Gloves.

High Quality Human Hair WIg


Should you frequently put on real hair wigs, then you definitely certainly be aware of types and textures of wigs. We're so lucky the wigs available today, look incredibly natural and truly realistic.

When searching at wigs opt for their quality. The caliber of a wig is essential as it may function as the distinction between your wig lasting for any lengthy time period or for a while of your time. It's best that you will get the greatest quality wig that you could possibly afford so your wig is of the high standard and can continue for a lengthy time period.

But everyone has this issue that people don't know if our wig is top quality. Today, we'll discuss this issue and enable you to pick the high-quality real hair wig from hair suppliers the best idea appropriate for you personally.

Real Hair Wigs

Real hair wigs are 100% Virgin Real Hair, cut in one donor, cuticle holding, no lice and nits, no gray hair. All of the hair is identical color, your hair ends is good.

Although most stores state that they offer 100% real hair wigs, when we order online, we can not judge the caliber of them. The web site negative and positive wig begins with the cost you pay it off. Who wouldn't desire a cheaper bill? Unfortunately, this purchase can cost you in a major way later. An excellent wig should feel and look just as much like real human hair as you possibly can, and also you will be able to manipulate it exactly the same way you'd your personal. When the wig you're going to buy does not permit you to use heat onto it or wash it, also it seems like a dish sponge which should not have access to been tossed out, leave- fast!!

So how can we judge when the wig we bought is real hair wigs? Now allow me to share some tips. 

How Will You Determine If An Individual Hair Wig Is Top Quality?

Method 1: Ask Buddies Who Frequently Buy Real Hair Wigs

If you are getting trouble deciding whether a specific wig you are searching at is nice or otherwise, you are able to publish a hyperlink and allow your buddies who used wigs decide it could be a decent choice or otherwise. Apart from that, there isn't anything else to say of shopping personally just like studying the wigs reviews. But, I'd like to indicate when the cost is 30 or fewer and it is not really a short wig, it's crap, most likely. Search for wigs within the best hair buy wig stores.

Method 2: Burning Having A Lighter

It's a more theoretical way. Burn wig having a lighter, real hair wig made from Indian virgin hair will burn an idea of protein test, chemical fiber wig generally burned is apparent plastic taste.

Method 3: Touch And Vision

Touch and vision can distinguish. Within the store there's two types of hair generally, you are able to allow the store have a fake-to you to determine, so that you can understand how to distinguish.

The very first color, seeing underneath the light, chemical fiber has abnormal brightness should you compose with chemical fiber.

Second, a persons hair are relatively smooth should you touch, unlike the actual hair, chemical fiber is going to be impetuous feeling. Because no dietary support, the actual hair wig even could possibly be the bifurcation. So there's no bifurcation can also be an excellent way. Especially if you wish to get the lengthy hair, you will see a split. Simultaneously, chemical fiber wig cannot remain in high temperatures that will damage the wig.

Method 4: Comfortable Or Otherwise

Look into the put on. Whether it's uncomfortable, the wig isn't well-crafted. A properly real hair made wig ought to be comfortable to put on. It ought to be produced from material that breathes therefore the heat will not be trapped between it as well as your mind. High-quality wigs can last longer since the materials tend to be more durable.

However the real hair wig consists of high-quality virgin hair or shape, it'll look very natural, take it to comfort.

Our real real hair wigs with exquisite designs to suit all styles as well as other age brackets. Top quality and splendid natural hair wig vendors are the most useful on the market for both competitive and accessible prices.

Saturday, December 18, 2021

How to Style Lace Front Wigs


Lace front wigs are natural looking wigs that are usually constructed from human hair. These wigs can be styled almost like regular hair, but they do require some prep work before you put them on. If you have a lace front wig that you wish to style, all you need to do is bleach the knots, put it on your head correctly, as well as sufficed to your liking.

Method 1 Styling your infant hair

1. Utilize a comb to comb every one of your child hairs ahead. Most lace lace front wigs have some smaller sized, thinner hairs near the front of the wig that will certainly be slender if you do not glossy them down. Utilize a comb to pick these hairs out and brush them ahead onto your temple. The hairs will be various sizes, and can come down to your eyebrows and even longer.

You can additionally use the pointy end of a pick or a tooth brush to pull your baby hairs to the front.

2. Tie the rest of your hair back with a hair connection. As you deal with your infant hairs, the remainder of your wig needs to be kept out of the means. If your wig is long enough, you can push the long hair behind your ears, or you can link it back with a hair tie or a headband. Make sure the only hair that is on your temple is the hair you want to be slicked down.

3. Use a percentage of gel to your forehead. If you've simply put your wig on, your adhesive gel that you utilized to your scalp may be wet sufficient to utilize on your child hairs. Or else, put a pea sized quantity of sticky gel or typical hair styling gel on your hairline with your finger.

Suggestion: Don't utilize excessive gel, or your baby hairs will look crunchy. Stick with a pea sized quantity, or less if your wig hair isn't extremely thick.

4. Comb your baby hairs sideways and upwards on your forehead. Use a fine toothed comb to carefully comb little areas of your infant hairs higher as well as outside toward your hairline. Your infant hairs need to end up appearing like a bumpy line on your head. Do this to every one of your baby hairs around your whole hairline.

You can pick sections in whatever dimension you would certainly like them to be, relying on what you desire your finished style to resemble.

You can swoop your hairs out over your ears, or lay them down flat on your jaw.

Set your baby hairs with hairspray. Spray a small amount of hairspray over every one of your infant hairs to make sure that they stay in location. Be careful splashing hairspray near your eyes. Smooth down your hair with a finger after you spray hairspray on it for an additional smooth appearance.

Indian Hair

Approach 2 Developing Up-Dos

1. Place your hair in a half-ponytail or bun. Lace front wigs look all-natural from the front, however the back could look more like a wig. Maintain fifty percent of your hair to cover the neck of your neck, while still placing a bun or a ponytail in. Different the hair from the top of your ears upward right into a hair connection, and after that tie it right into a bun or ponytail.

2. Style your hair in a low ponytail. If you wish to maintain the neck of your neck covered with your wig, put your hair right into a low, sleek braid. Brush your hair and tuck all of it behind your ears, ensuring that there are no swellings of hair anywhere. Secure it snugly with a hair connection

Suggestion: Curl your hair if you wish to have even more quantity in your ponytail.

3. Put fifty percent space buns in your wig. Area buns are a design that can additionally leave hair covering the nape of your neck. Brush your hair as well as collect it into a hair tie from the top of your ears upwards, like you would for a half-up braid. Different the hair from wholesale hair vendors tie right into 2 sections split down the center. Make each area of hair into a bun that sits on the top of your head.

Leave some pieces of hair out of your up-do in the front if you wish to have some layers that frame your face.

4. Entwine your hair into french pigtails. French pigtails are a charming method to maintain your wig out of your face. Split your wig right into 2 areas by parting it down the middle of your head. Order 1 of the sections, begin braiding on top part of your head, and braid toward the back, picking up areas of hair as you go. Safeguard the braid with a hair connection and also do the opposite.

Friday, December 17, 2021

Benefits of Disposable Latex Gloves

Latex gloves have been a favorite in the medical field for decades. Due to latex's durability, flexibility, and chemical resistance, they were used to protect doctors, nurses, and patients from the transmission of bloodborne pathogens and harmful illnesses.

Latex gloves are known to fit tightly and comfortably while offering high levels of protection, meaning they were also a popular choice in other industries, such as manufacturing, food service, dental, and automotive.

While Latex Gloves remain popular in various industries and circumstances, there is a huge demand for latex-free alternatives due to latex allergies. Between 8% and 17% of those who wear latex gloves suffer an allergic reaction. Nitrile and vinyl are the most popular modern varieties for anyone who suffers from allergic reactions to latex.

Benefits of Latex Gloves

If allergies aren't an issue, there are many advantages to using latex gloves, particularly when it comes to comfort and dexterity. Here are some of the key benefits of latex gloves:

Chemical Resistance

Latex is a type of natural rubber that's taken from the Hevea brasiliensis species, also known as the rubber tree. This material has a high level of barrier protection against chemicals, making it ideal for disposable latex gloves. 


Latex gloves are manufactured in different levels of thickness for varying magnitudes of protection. However, latex is naturally resistant to acids, bases, and chemicals like chlorine, iodine, and formaldehyde.

Puncture Resistance

Natural rubber latex allows manufacturers to create gloves of a specific thickness, offering improved puncture resistance. Heavy-duty latex gloves last longer than other materials and may be used for tough tasks such as industrial and automotive applications. Puncture resistance is also useful in food and medical industries as it ensures the gloves can stand up to contact with various equipment and utensils.

Excellent Hand Dexterity

One of the significant advantages of latex gloves is the tight fit and the tactile and touch sensitivity. They conform to the hand more closely than nitrile and vinyl varieties. Medical grade latex gloves are ideal for surgeries or dental procedures, where medical professionals must handle small items and perform precise movements.

Benefits of Latex Gloves

Available in a Range of Colors

While a range of colors may seem like a purely aesthetic factor when deciding on latex gloves, it is much more significant. Having Disposable Gloves in a selection of colors is a straightforward but effective way to prevent cross-contamination within the working environment. Different colors are assigned for specific tasks or areas of the workplace, making it easier for staff to avoid accidental transmission of contaminants from one space to another.

Color coding is used frequently in hospitals, healthcare facilities, food services, and other industries where contamination is a risk.

Thursday, November 21, 2019


Yay! Its that time of the year! Yes just a few days ( 8 to be exact) until Black friday. , which for us shopaholics means shopping time.
So I'd like to take the opportunity to introduce you to some online websites and give you some idea about my favorite items and shopping list.
The website that we’ll check out today is fsjshoes
They have really cool collection of shoes , boots, heels, sneakers, and just about everything related to shoes.
But something that appealed me the most about this website is the option of designing your own shoes
Raise your hands if your significant other hates going shopping with you just coz he can’t bear with  all the waiting at the store while you try on some ( in his words “innumerous”) shoes
You in your defense prompt “ oh come on you’re tired of sitting comfortably on a couch for some time ( he murmurs: lot of time , hours) imagine trying on the shoes , squatting, bending over to tie on the laces , then doing a cat walk in front of the mirror with a fake smile while every inch of your body is tired and  hurting and on top of that you’re frustrated coz you can’t settle on even one shoe
Since the one that was comfortable doesn’t have the right design, the one with right design doesn’t have the right color, the one with right color doesn’t go with your dress and so on and so forth.
So putting an end to all that dilemma enters fsjshoes
 where you can custom  design your own shoes , they’ll make it and deliver it to your door step.
What more does a girl want? No really. With a perfect pair of shoes on your feet and a not so cranky husband ( after all he dint have to wait to hours in the store) in her arms, any girl can be a Cinderella with a prince charming by her side.

So here I’m going ahead and showing you some of my favorites from their store but don’t limit yourself to these or the ones on the website. When you can custom design, your options are infinite. Let your creative juices flowing and  ladies DESIGN

These ones below would be great for Christmas & new year festive time.
 Three-Tone Bows Wedding Heels Rhinestone Hotfix Stiletto Heel Sandals image 1

Gold Knee High Gladiator Heels Sandals Metallic Heels by FSJ image 1

I am so in love with these vintage shoes
Tan Lace up Oxford Heels Vintage Shoes Chunky Heels Shoes image 1

Teal Velvet Heels Square Toe Vintage Ankle Strap Pumps image 1

That gorgeous color 👆💓