Monday, September 22, 2014


Hey Dolls!
How have you been! My apologies for going MIA for so long. I have been traveling a lot these days, so yes, lots & lots of pics dying to go live.
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Monday, August 18, 2014

Chambrey Romper

Hey Dolls!

Hope you had an amazing & stylish weekend! Happy Monday to all my readers. Lets give a stylish start to the week! I'll keep it short this time but I've got lot more pictures for you, so stay tuned.
The Bag is again from c/o Milanoo 
Its a cute white bag with golden details

Bag : c/o Milanoo 
Romper : Similar
Top : similar

Saturday, August 16, 2014

What happens when ONE person SHOPS for the WHOLE family!!! See Below

Lolz! Yea!  Other day we went to Six Flags ( Yes Again! ) & after we reached there we noticed, that the 3 of us were wearing similar outfits. & believe me, It wasn't planned. I know hard to believe but guess what! This is what happens when one person ( read : me ) shops for the whole family!!!

BAG : c/o Milanoo

This Bag is from c/o Milanoo . I told you before Milanoo carries really great collection of bags. So good that I got 3 bags from there. All are really cute, spacious & great styles & colors. This one in mint color matches my shirt. The straw hat was sent to me from DRESSLILY
& I completed the look with a pendant c/o rings and tings & 2 bracelets picking up colors from the outfit.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pink & Mint

Hey Dolls!
The other day I received this coat from OASAP . & it was love at first sight. btw, OASAP is having super sale, some items which are low in stock are up to 90% discounted. 
There is a clearance even going , with everything under $ 18
Girls seriously go, check out the site & if you find a fabulous deal, please don't forget to share with us 

Shoes : Sammydress only $ 18
Bag : Dresslily only $15.75
Pink Lace dress: similar

Sunday, August 10, 2014

DID I SAY "Chambrey back to back"

Hey Dolls!
Hope you're having a great weekend! & hey! DID I SAY "Chambrey back to back" in my last post. Well I totally meant it. Chambrey is my choice of fabric this summers. But still will try to keep it fresh & different everytime. I also wore this dress before here
So the shoes are from Sammydress Only $18. These are really pretty oxford shoes with kitten heels & powder pink color. I really like them, just a bit snug on me. Gotta google search the ways to loosen them up :P
I'd say if you don't have a narrow feet, size up.
Check out this site, amazing collection, but I think their shoes collection is just fab, like sometimes it happens I like some shoes at other sites too , but they all are out of stock, but here everything shown is in stock. & I love just about everything there.

Also the bag is such a cute pale pink polks dot satchel from dresslily. & the rings are also from dresslily. You guys do check this site, specially check the bags from there, cheaper than any other similar sites, under $ 10 you get such amazing satchel plus free shipping. They have a lot of other cute stuff too

Dress: F 21
Shoes : Sammydress only $ 18
Bag : Dresslily only $15.75
Rings: Dresslily
Some super cute alternate dress options ( Images are linked )
from OASAP ( Click on the image to buy )

From Sammydress ( Click on the image to buy )

From Dresslily ( Click on the image to buy )

Monday, August 4, 2014

chambray for summers

 Hey Dolls!

How was the weekend? These days I am enjoying every minute of my day. So. weekday or weekend doesn't make much of a difference. My whole day routine is set with my toddler including swimming. Yay for summers! & On the weekends we mostly go out for dinner.
These days I'm really drawn towards chambray. So yea be prepared to see lots of chambray back to back in my outfit posts
I am sorry I didn't get good pictures, since I took these pictures after sunset. But better picture in the following posts. Promise!
The BAG is from Milanoo. Its such a cute bag, can go with almost every outfit. Quite big. Check out this site dolls, they have such amazing collection & other cute bags too. I got some more thing from Milanoo I'll show in the following posts

 Another thing that's growing on me is lots of accessories & stacking bracelets, rings, etc. This has been quite a trend for a very long time, but until now I thought it wasn't for me, also its really difficult to manage a toddler with lots of accessories & noisy bangles & your hair getting caught in the rings while you are carrying the toddler in your arms or worse your ring pokes your LO in the nose. Well enuff of the cons ( Only for mommies) of the this trend (I always get carried away)
But now as my toddler is much more manageable  ( I never thought that could happen ) & also walking & talking. I thought of going for it. I'm not sure if it translated well or looks overdone
So I've accessorized with golden &  black accessories picking colors from the bag

 Chambray shorts & top
Bag : Milanoo
Hair accessory : Claire's
Bangles: INDIA
Watch : Dresslily
Shoes: Fila