Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas to all my readers....

Hey dolls Merry how did you fashionistas celebrate.... With style hmmm.... i know this post has been a little late.. but know wot had been busy shopping... hehe lots of sale & discounts everywhere... very soon will post wot all i got.... :) & guess wot i still don't have all the pics.. yet to collect them from my frenz..... will put more pics soon :)

so tried my hand at face painting this christmas ..... thats a bow i painted on my cheek :p

with hubby dearest

these are the tights i wore absolutely love them... they have a bow onto them... got them from claire's :)

Top - sears
tights- Claire's
Hair Bow- flea market

My red stole is a DIY embroidered by mom 

Ankush, revti, me & shreyash
It was so much fun that day... we all are always fun together... xoxoxo

hey Dolls wait till i upload more pics.... Chk Bk xoxoxo

Friday, December 23, 2011


(pictures via google images)

this is my wishlist:
Cute knitted slouchy socks
lots of whites
floppy hats
lots of crochet & knits
aww.. that sweater almost rope like in 7th pic
a cosy room with fireplace
wicker baskets
that Rug <3

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cutie neckpiece!!

Aww this neckpiece is such a cutie... ain't it?

so, thought of sharing it with u dolls.....
Ummm... i have this thing for fabric flowers.... & lace.... & pearls..... & this neckpiece.... awww love it..... but yea i love pearls, lace & fabric flowers... hehe :)

we can do a DIY of this neckpiece... shouldn't be that tough....

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Colour Block

Hey Dolls, how are you fashionistas doing today!!
so this is my second post on colour block ... again RED & YELLOW.... & GRAY too..... oh yea its the same blazer again!!
So, i really loved the idea of red & yellow together, so tried if again, this time with a little bit of gray too. Umm i think it came out well, its too much of layering though..

Blazer : forever 21







Socks: Claire's
Flats: Ginger

Took these pics around my house :)

So our Queen B also wears Red & Yellow together..
  Few pics of Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl

(Photos via google images)

I'll soon do a post on Blair Waldorf style... So Dolls keep checking!!! xoxo

Signing off for today!! xoxo

& I NAILed it!!!

So we dolls love all things pretty & girly.... & now when we have decided to doll up how can we leave our nails behind!! Right?
so here is my try at Nail Art

I tried marbelling on the left hand & on the right hand its just Dots. I am a right handed person so dots are easy on right hand, Lolz!!

The index finger got little messy
You Dolls can get it with these few Simple Steps:

1) paint your nails with the base colour ( mine is maybelline red)
2) Drop a few dots of contrasting nail paint colours while the base colour is still wet ( just touch the nail paint brush on the nail bed)
3) Pick a TOOTH PICK & swirl the dots around by moving the pointed side of the tooth pick linking the dots, dragging the colour.
4) Simple!! right! now let the nails dry & apply top coat to prevent chipping

Ta Da!! Easy!

I'll put more posts on NAIL ART.... Keep checking dolls!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Colour block!!

Hey Dolls!!
So today  i wanted to do a colour blocking look, its all over the runways these days & looks really cool..
I realised i had too many reds n very few other colours to contrast it with, so somehow it striked to me to wear my yellow wide necked top as a skirt....lolz... ( yes i went shopping wearing that but for me fashion is all about creativity). & guess wot... i picked yet another red, this red blazer.... i swear no more reds in my closet now... haha but i love RED

Blazer : Forever 21

Sweater : Van Heusen

Shoes : United Colors of Benetton

Tights: Flea Market

Hair accesory ( black ) : Claire's

Red Lace Clutch ( below) : DIY

Thursday, December 15, 2011


So here is my latest look.... Love those lace tights & the pink lace, crochet scarf both from Claire's..... think the girly tights contrast nicely with the denim shorts..... i also love that pink lace nighty in the pic which is from lifestyle. Thats a houndstooth blazer with peter pan collars, hey! did i tell you dolls that i love peter pan collars... oh ! i love them :)
 Blazer & top : Globus , Shorts: Wet Seal, Tights & scarf : claire's

My current love ..... lots n lots of hair accessories & bows

So this is how Kareena Kapoor (bollywood actress) was styled in this blazer
(picture via google images)
I like it what do u dolls think?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Green & Red ( Hello Christmas)

So the other day we went to san francisco & this is what i wore...

  : flea market 
 : ginger

Oh! i love that multicoloured scarf... Borrowed from my hubby ;) Think i look great in borrowed stuff (wink) . but he's a sweety, i wear his clothes more than he himself does haha... 

Red Lace Clutch : DIY
Red polka dots fabric flower (on the jacket) : Claire's
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Its funny how that red polka dots fabric flower went from the jacket, to the cap & finally in the hair... its actually a hair clip......
So all in all it was a fun trip with lots of posing.....

The first post.... finally

So here it goes..... have no idea how to start with it..... : D..... so let me give u a little idea about what i'll be posting here & about myself..... so, like all u dolls i loveeee all things Pink & girly.......  i also love to find great deals on clothes... i'll be posting my daily looks here & all things pretty & beautiful.... what inspires me n all that....
 so, lets doll up galz ........