Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Green & Red ( Hello Christmas)

So the other day we went to san francisco & this is what i wore...

  : flea market 
 : ginger

Oh! i love that multicoloured scarf... Borrowed from my hubby ;) Think i look great in borrowed stuff (wink) . but he's a sweety, i wear his clothes more than he himself does haha... 

Red Lace Clutch : DIY
Red polka dots fabric flower (on the jacket) : Claire's
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Its funny how that red polka dots fabric flower went from the jacket, to the cap & finally in the hair... its actually a hair clip......
So all in all it was a fun trip with lots of posing.....


  1. Hey Richa!!
    There is always some festivity in the way you dress :-) Merry Christmas