Tuesday, December 20, 2011

& I NAILed it!!!

So we dolls love all things pretty & girly.... & now when we have decided to doll up how can we leave our nails behind!! Right?
so here is my try at Nail Art

I tried marbelling on the left hand & on the right hand its just Dots. I am a right handed person so dots are easy on right hand, Lolz!!

The index finger got little messy
You Dolls can get it with these few Simple Steps:

1) paint your nails with the base colour ( mine is maybelline red)
2) Drop a few dots of contrasting nail paint colours while the base colour is still wet ( just touch the nail paint brush on the nail bed)
3) Pick a TOOTH PICK & swirl the dots around by moving the pointed side of the tooth pick linking the dots, dragging the colour.
4) Simple!! right! now let the nails dry & apply top coat to prevent chipping

Ta Da!! Easy!

I'll put more posts on NAIL ART.... Keep checking dolls!


  1. nys clctn........go for more nai art...http://fsquarefashion.com/category/make-up/beuty-tips/nail-care-tips/

  2. I've never seen this method of marbling:) I usually use the water method.

  3. @ kashara ... yea i know i find this easier as compared to water marbling method :p :)