Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday inspiration

Hey dolls, so i'd collected a few beautiful pictures surfing the net, my favourite blogs that i follow & some amazing websites....

Thats Ashika Pratt on Elle India cover page

Love this crochet maxi.... love that hot pink against orange

So u dolls know i m a sucker for crochets... love the addition of pom trim on those embroidered shorts

Love that fur jacket

Love the hair & the addition of flowers in the braid... love the earthy feel of this pic

Amazing photography, lovely hair, gorgeous make up.... love the rough feel in these pics

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  1. Truely inspiring!! great photography

  2. oooh, I am in love with those shorts!

  3. That Elle cover is beautiful! XX

  4. I love this post, great inspiration. I love the Elle India cover, I wish they sold Elle India here too! I love the picture with pretty bows in it too, has a great feel to it.
    I am your newest follower! I love reading blogs from fellow desi fashion bloggers. Please follow back!


  5. The fashion here is amazing! =)

  6. Oh man, I want to go out and search for some crotchet items now! Those are lovely <3
    So inspiring, I'm ready for spring break! :D

  7. hey hun thanks for stopping by my blog. im now following yours :)
    as for the fake lashes, i actually don't remember the style but it was from the "glam eyes" brand.. i bought it ages ago and i already threw the packaging that it came with. sorry im not much of a help here but there are other brands out there that carry the same style lashes and they are pretty easy to find. As for the glue, i highly recommend the "DUO" lash glue, they are really good, dries up quick, and doesn't usually pull out your real lashes :)

    if buy it, let me know how u go xx

  8. great inspiration!! and thank you for your sweet comment :)

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  9. Love those little lace shorts in the third picture. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog!

  10. Nice pics...quite inspirational !!

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  11. Nice post!

  12. Great post, very inspiring !!