Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Hint of MINT

Hey dolls!! Hope you had a great mother's day. So like everyone i'd been trying to get something perfect in the colour of the season, mint /seafoam green. And when I saw these shoes at , my newest sponsor, i knew i had to get them. I love love love my new shoes. they are so comfy & so edgy too & perfect color.
Cardigan: Sears
Hairband: c/o Born Pretty store
Top : Lifestyle
Skirt: Demasque
Tights: Claire's
Shoes: C/O
Clock Pendant: claire's

This is best place in our society, i love to sit here for hours, love the sound of fountain, so soothing & so many beautiful red roses. I love how coincidentally my shoes laces exactly match my tights.

I also got a top & a reindeer ring, its available for just US $ 0.29. Can't wait to style these pieces. look out for an outfit post featuring these beautiful pieces in my later posts.

 The best thing about is that they have a huge variety to choose from. Do check them out  &  pass them some love.

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  1. Cute shoes and I love your tights :) Very pretty.xx

  2. Love your tights and shoes, so sweet :) x

  3. I love <3 <3 nice shoes!!!

  4. Great combination and socks are amazing! xx ♥

  5. So cuteee:)! Love your shoes♥!

  6. What a cute outfit, I love your shoes <3
    I've followed you ;>


  7. love the colour of ur shoes! and such a fantastic tights!

    Feel free to visit my blog in your spare time and follow if you like it. Ofc I'll do the same with yours!

  8. Looking great Richa.. P.s. I think I know this place ;-)

  9. Yay, I love seeing how bloggers are encorporating mint into their wardrobes this season. Love those shoes! So cute :)

    Following you now! Keep in touch xo

  10. very cute shoes indeed!! love em!

    - Josie :: 8bitgrayscale

  11. Looks great dear!

    Enjoy your weekend! xoxo

  12. You look cute :) I like your pretty shoes!

  13. Gah! Mint is my favorite color and I'm so in love with your shoes.
    Also I really can't wait to follow you! I hope you return the favor (: It would mean so much coming from you.

    xx Amber