Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mochibeaucoup winner

Hey dolls! Hope you are enjoying the weekend. The winner of mochibeaucoup giveaway is Daisy Plump. Heartiest congratulations to the winner. The amazing people at mochibeaucoup will contact you shortly. And if you didn't win, no worries, You can still grab some really cute merchandise from mochibeaucoup site at 20% off your first purchase on any item(s), With the code Richa20
They also offer free worldwide shipping

Two cutest & My favorite items from their site

Miss Deer Bracelet
Price : $ 11.80
$9.44 with code Richa20 & free shipping too ( I am definitely gonna buy this one)

Ever since i've known this site, I've had my eyes on this bracelet, participated in some giveaways too hoping i might win this one ;) Lolz.... But unlucky me :(

Marry Me Clip-on Earrings

How cute are these named as marry me clip ons....
price: $14.80
$11.84 with coupon code Richa20

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  1. i hope i win next time