Tuesday, August 14, 2012

HouseofAntoinette1950 fall shows

Hey dolls!
Remember the first giveaway on this blog, sponsored by House Of Antoinette. The brand is expanding big. They are all set for their fall shows & This new collection is going to be hot! There is also a photo shoot with the accessories soon to take place in Boston.

The fall collection is titled "A fall to to remember". A collection of millinery, jewelry, purses and more! Ornate details, bold colors and unexpected elements! The BKWF BAG EXPO will be broadcasted live on social media. Stay tuned for live tweets and pins from Mary Deming! For that event they are teaming up with another jewelry brand AnMidO "All that's Beautiful"

They have also collaborated with Vivien VC handbags.
HouseofAntoinette1950 and Vivien VC handbags are emerging accessory brands! 

HouseofAntoinette1950 is a cutting edge fashion brand founded in 2010! Be a hot topic in HouseofAntoinette1950 statement accessories! HouseofAntoinette1950 adornments are an escape from everyday generic accessories!

Vivien VC handbags specializes in woman's handbags, clutches and purses. The designs can be characterized as a fusion of emerging contemporary with a touch of elegance.

Headline and theme
"Contemporary Accessorizes of HouseofAntoinette1950 and VivienVC handbags"

Accessory brands HouseofAntoinette1950 and VivienVC Handbags have participated in two Manhattan events, JustOff7thAve's Cine Et La Mode and JustOff7thAve's Designer Tuesday. Both brands will be at BELETI Footwear and JO7A Presents: Accessory Designer project during New York Shoe and Accessory Expo week.

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Upcoming fall shows with HouseofAntoinette1950

September 15-16 12-7pm Open event!
Industry City@Bush Terminal
Sunset Park, Brooklyn

HouseofAntoinette1950 and VivienVC Handbags will participate in

BELETI Footwear and JO7A presents: Accessory Designer Project
November 25, 2010
404 NYC 7-11 pm



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