Thursday, October 4, 2012

Brigette's Boutique review

Brigette's Boutique is a discount cosmetic retailer and they promise to provide the best quality items at the lowest possible prices.
Brigette's Boutique was founded in 2003 when Brigette began selling cosmetics on Ebay in an effort to to earn an income while maintaining flexible hours for her family.  As the demand for quality cosmetics at discounted prices increased, they relocated the business to a more user-friendly portal.  In 2007, they moved the business to their own webstore & they have grown manifolds since then.  Many new brands are added constantly.

They sent me these products for review

When it comes to eye make up, I love it bold, with kohl, black eyeliner & little eyeshadow, at times.

FACEFRONT Artistic Glitter - HADDOCK LOBO (Rock Candy)

see the texture

  • Its a stunning shade, packed with lots of minuscule shimmery glitters
  • perfect for an evening party look
  • use it on inner corners of your eyes to make them look more opened up, fresh, brighter & bigger
  • easy to apply
  • doesn't fade easily
  • little goes a long way

Very tiny box but believe me little goes a long way

My recommendation : Love it. I'll give this an A+ Check it here

Brigette's boutique sent me these  from their Brand New Line, Annika Maya shimmer powder.


These are very interesting pigments. I love the Blue Green, the best. 

Suggestions to use it as per the site

Wear as an eyeshadow with primer base
Use it as an eyeliner by mixing with water or sealant
Pucker up and electrify your lips by mixing into clear gloss lipgloss
Shake up your nail polish by dipping clear polish into shimmer and applying
Make your eyes pop with color when you mix it with clear mascara

That sounds like fun, right!!!

I'd love to use these in all these ways & using this mixed with mascara will be so fun!!

  • Multiple uses
  • gorgeous shades
  • Easy application
  • Glides smoothly
  • lightweight
  • rich color & texture

None that I could see

Recommendation : These are interesting, should be given a try. It'd be fun playing with these pigments in so many ways. Check the whole range here

Plantlife soap
I totally love herbal soaps & mostly use herbal soaps, mostly because they smell so fantastic, & so does this one. I love the strong smell this one has


  • Herbal
  • Love the smell
  • My skin loves it
  • leaves the skin feeling fresh & smelling great
Packaging is simple But a great quality product, it is.

Recommendation: I'd recommend it! You can check this here


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