Monday, February 25, 2013 - A touch of India to your wardrobe

My Best Friend’s Wedding- The Steal from
What’s the toughest wardrobe selection of a lifetime for a lady? If you guys think it’s her own bridal outfit, I beg to disagree. I have had the toughest time of life trying to choose my bridesmaid’s attire for my best friend’s wedding. It all looks easy as you start but then as you realize that you are going to stand next to your best friend forever while she echoes the wedding vows, the going gets complicated. After all I ought to look the most gorgeous companion ever. Don’t I?

( Courtesy- Beautiful Indian Brides Tumblr)
With my BFF’s wedding just few weeks away, I have been working on my look for her Big Day. Shopping has become an everyday affair and choosing outfits as routine as brushing my teeth (It’s F-U-N though).  It has been amply difficult as I am very finicky about sarees and I wanted to check out a huge collection before zeroing in on the final drape and that’s exactly why I decided to surf all the online apparel stores to check if something worthwhile cropped up. I was in for quite a surprise when after few searches I landed here
Owing to the fact that I am very impatient and hate waiting for things ordered from an online shopping website, I can’t help but say that this website is darn cool and if you are looking for Indian Ethnic Wear, it is a haven. There is everything, right from a pretty saree to an exquisite Lehenga Choli to a designer Anarkali Suit. Let me be honest and confess that I was lost on the website just playing plain surfing for almost an hour. Not everything looked like my kind of Ethnic wear but the collection is HUGE. And wait, what do I see here? They also offer exclusive Design Studio services which basically means that I do not need to go to my seamstress to get my designer blouses done, I can actually do it right here on the website. I found this to be absolutely fantastic. I am one who believes in blouses being more important than the saree and am a sucker for halter designs, the website actually had a halter design in their options. This was IT, enough to tempt me into the shopaholicism, I decided to pick a saree and try out a customization option.
What I was wary about was the color shown on the website and the fit of the blouse. But well me being the super risk taker, I told myself, “Go for it Girl’. So well there I was at the payment page, ordering an absolutely gorgeous White Saree.
As I sat biting nails waiting for the delivery of the package ( The IndusDiva Customer Support Told me that I would receive it within ten days which I found to be a good enough time). As I sat waiting, I decided to jot down some fashion funda for other Bridesmaids in action. To start with, a bridesmaid needs to coordinate the hues of her attire with the one that the bride has picked up. Always remember that you need to look absolutely gorgeous but not the showstopper- that’s for your best friend to look the part, it’s her Big Day after all. The colors trending this season are shades of Pink, sunshine Yellow, Blues and of course Chic White.
Indian Weddings are a mix of grandeur and celebration. Always opt for attire which grants you the freedom of being a part of the dance and music while the DJ sets the mood. Lehenga Sarees are in vogue this season and I found a pretty good collection on the website for these lehenga-sarees I like it much for the killer combination of sophistication and spunk.

Another aspect which struck me while I surfed was the fact that I could get the saree pre stitched, being such an amateur in saree draping that seemed like a godsend. Considering that a pre stitched saree can be worn in 15-30 seconds, I was sure I would feel better than a Robert Ludlum hero.
ALSO, if you dream of a filmy Prince Salim holding out a rose for you in some wedding, pick up an Anarkali. They are the biggest fashion trends this year. I found quite a few nice ones here- . With as many kallis as sought, this ensemble can grant you the best of both worlds. I adore the red one in the image; it has got a dreamy touch to it.

Oh by the way, let me confess that I was too greedy as I surfed through a section which had sexy cholis so I picked this one to add to my wardrobe. The best thing about these cholis is that they can be teamed up with any saree or Lehenga to make it look all brand new. The best idea when am on an austerity drive.

By the time I had imparted all this gyaan my doorbell rang and let me show you what I just got -

Isn’t it JUST GORGEOUS? I think it is and I am so dying to wrap it up for the wedding. Can you see the latkans (hangings) and the sequined embroidery? The blouse looks absolutely beautiful too and I am dying to flaunt this outfit. I think IndusDiva is going to see more of me very VERY soon.
So here I am, ready for the Big Fat Indian Wedding!
( As I rush to wrap up some last minute shopping, keep watching this space for a detailed review of the website, service and collection. I am sure you guys will love the review. Ta-dah)