Friday, March 22, 2013



As per the site -

Hey Beauties!!! Lets get even more beautiful. 

Not very long ago I discovered this amazing site & totally fell in love with the concept.  
wishtrend  is an online site which sells korean cosmetics. Brands like

They also have Wishbox available for a certain price with a combination of products.

For ex:- their valentine box 

 & Here is my Wishlist From WIshtrend

Red Serum  for younger looking skin

I always wanted to try original BB Cream Its 40% off right now

[CAOLION] Multi Soothing Booster

How fresh does this tube looks. :D
So dolls has anyone ever bought from this site? How was your experience? I'd love to know.

Friday, March 15, 2013

After Flats : Necessity is the mother of Invention

Hey Dolls!

So by now you all must have noticed, that when it comes to footwear, I am all for comfortable ones, fashion is one thing & comfort is another but guess what is fashionably comfortable? AFTER FLATS.
As much as I love to wear heels for the fashion sake, after some point they start hurting my feet, but as a wise man once said 'necessity is the mother of invention' thank goodness for this one. Foldable flats right when you need them after the party, shopping or wedding.  throw away your heels in the tote After a Party , & let your feet party in after flats!!

 These rollable flats fit perfectly in this cute clutch which when inside out converts into this bag to kick off your heels in

Use the code: letsdollup when purchasing from the website. This will give you 15% off discount. Code Valid until March 31, 2013 . Hurry!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tattoo for a week

Hey dolls!

How have you been.. This post is coming really really late. I was sent these tattoos from tattooforaweek to review but excuses excuses!! But I just love how this one turned out. Its so cute. The instructions to put the tattoo were written on the back of it, I'd skipped the last step which I later realised I shoudn't have, which was to rinse with water after applying the tattoo , so my tattoo lasted for a few days, like 3 days, but the next time I did rinse the another tattoo with water, it stayed like forever, at least 2 weeks. So don't skip any step that might seem unnecessary to get best results. & check out the site, they have like an iota of variety, you'll find everything from lip tattos to eyebrows to what not. Check them out if you love wearing tattoos, You'll love to discover them, thank me later.

Pics from Sonoma valley trip

As much as i would've loved to wear heels to complete this look, I wanted to feel comfortable.. priority. So sports shoes! really? well thats like me, coz I keep having trouble with my feet, & I am diabetic after delivering my baby, so gotta be cautious with my feet :(

This dress is my current favorite. Love the cutout back

The back of my dress

But it got cold!!

Second tattoo lasted for 2 weeks at least

San Diego trip

My favorite lace shorts.

I've clicked lots of pics these last couple of days. I think I'll put them all in one post. So keep an eye out!!