Friday, September 27, 2013

Hair & There

 Today I'd like to discuss about the most important but the least discussed topic on this blog : Hair

As far as my hair is concerned I am trying to go all natural that is putting less harsher chemicals in my hair. These pictures are BEFORE going natural.
You'll have to wait for the After pictures :( I don't have any at the moment. For shampoo I use SULFATE FREE Laila ali line. Then I condition with any regular conditioner. Then I use CHI silk infusion hair serum.

All these products are not so harsh on the hair & my hair is much softer not silky but definitely very  very soft to touch now.

Before I changed my hair care regime & after giving birth, my hair was going through a very bad phase, I was losing a lot of hair in the shower & you can actually see my scalp in the last picture but sadly it needs a lot of patience & effort to actually see a noticable change in your hair. We know the cure, but it takes time to improve the health & quality of our hair.

But we are the girls of 21st century & we have the solution for every damn thing.
So if you too feel the same way & don't want to put any harsh styling products in your hair or having a bad hair day or if your hair is just moody like mine, or if you are just bored of your hair, hair color, texture, style, length or shape, all this can be easily achieved with the help of hair extensions in minutes.  Check out hair extensions uk at
They carry quite affordable & great quality hair extensions like clip in hair,Micro Ring/Loop Hair, Tape Hair, stick tip hair, nail tip hair, Weft Waving Hair, PU Remy Hair ,and Indian remy hair & are all 100% Human Hair in different lengths and various colors. I really like their remy Hair extensions.

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 My favorite denim. Yes those are hearts

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