Saturday, February 22, 2014

Our Lives in the Internet

There was a time when I would never buy something before trying it on at least three times in the fitting room before actually purchasing it, but lets face it, who has all that time in this fast moving world, I did, but now with a toddler on the go, not anymore. Plus with the Internet in our lives, or should I rather say, our lives in the Internet, it saves a lot of time.
What a thought,  I'm totally self obsessed :P!!  "Internet in our lives or is it our lives in the Internet" - Richa. lolz feels good... But Yes its a whole other world, the INTERNET & if you talk about me I am living in this world way more than in the real physical world.
Just think about it, we actually have an address, be it our blog add, FB or twitter handle etc, etc.
We get to interact with people.
We actually have more social life here on the internet than in the real world;
How many times do we actually go & knock at a friend's front door compared to how many times we write on a friend's FB wall;
We even get to shop on the internet, make payment & have our products shipped right to us, no physical contact necessary.
Speaking of, what is your take on the online shopping trend, I am quite into it, I mean I can do window shopping for the entire day without getting tired. You can check for deals, where are you getting the best price, etc, etc, Just sitting in your bedroom, or while travelling, or while relaxing in the bath tub. Oh! but please don't do this in your office, at the workplace. lolz
So, this is a very subjective topic, & one can go on forever on it, & i am not gonna pass any judgement since everything has its pro & cons. What's your take on this. How much has Internet affected your lives, & in a good way or bad?


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