Sunday, March 16, 2014

ootd: OPPOSITES ATTRACT (lace shorts + leather jacket)

 Hey Dolls! Didn't I tell how contrast adds depth to any outfit, well OPPOSITES ATTRACT, that's the law of nature. This look like many of my looks is all about that. I am wearing lace shorts, leather vest, layered over hubby's hoody ( it was too cold so hubby dearest had to lend me his, I am mean & he's too caring to let me fall sick) You might want to check this look. Here also I've paired lace beaded shorts with leather jacket to totally different results, a romantic, soft look, a few accessories here & there do the trick

It was very cold so in evening I changed into jeans (actually I layered over shorts)


  1. Love your look :)

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  2. Love this outfit <3 The lace shorts are beautiful!!

  3. very nice outfit, but do not make it blury.... :)


  4. Hi :) you look wonderful,,i took a look at your blog&really like it,,Would you like to follow each other;/let me know,,