Monday, March 17, 2014

WEDDING DAY in a girl's life

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Hey Dolls!
Today lets talk about the most important day in the life of a girl, her wedding day, when she wants everything to be perfect, even the smallest minor details to be taken care of very well & the way she might have planned. Speaking of planning, I can't help but share some surprising funny facts about girls.

According to a survey
Before finding groom -
  • Two thirds of single women admit planning wedding 
  • Average age to start planning is 13, and 1 in 10 even start saving
  • Nearly half have identified which friends they want as bridesmaids 
  • One in 20 has bought a bridal magazine and 34% browse the web
  • A keen 13% know the month they want to marry 
  • Nearly half (49%) of women confess they have selected their dream dress
As funny as it may sound, but it'd be a lie if I'd say I wasn't like that, I too started dreaming about my wedding since childhood, obviously before meeting the groom lolz but now married for 5 years I still remember my wedding, my dress & even the bridesmaid dresses just like yesterday. Wonder what our opposite sex does, think or plan. I am pretty sure they don't think about it at all & have to be given a phone call on the day of wedding, happened with me :P

So girls who are about to get married, I'd suggest to plan ahead, at least 6 months before your wedding day,( if unlike me you haven't been doing that  since the tender age of 13) believe me its too much work, speaking from experience.

& one of the many important things is selecting bridesmaid dresses. I came across this amazing online store & "2014 bridesmaid dresses" caught my eyeThey carry lots of trendy Bridesmaid dresses, they have lots of color options for every style, the price is quite reasonable as well. & online shopping does save you a lot of time, everything delivered at your doorstep. also carries wedding dresses, prom dresses & other special occasion dresses & accessories

Here are some tips (unless you are the sadist who'd want to turn their bridesmaids into fashion victims, to come out looking better than eveyone. Lolz nobody does that.)
  1. Always discuss with your bridesmaids their choices & taste
  2. keep their body type in mind & go for the styles that'd look flattering for their body type
  3. Opt for color & style that is reusable
  4. Keep your wedding theme & gathering in mind if its a church wedding opt for floor length dresses 
  5. Keep the budget in mind
  6. Select the style keeping the weather in mind, you don't want them to be shivering in the cold wearing a strapless knee length dress in winters or sweating in a silk dress in summers.

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