Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Hey Dolls!
I am in love with this new dress
Today was not so good day for me, I had my appointment for DMV written which I missed coz I couldn't get up in the morning, I had my dress planned for the exam :(  
As usual my husband didn't seem to understand me on this either, he was like, you don't need to plan the dress but plan what time to get up, study for the exam & all.
Agreed! Men are from mars, women from venus! So true

Dress: Here, Pearl Sunglasses, Shoes: similar here
Oh! And don't miss my new sunglasses!

Dress: HERE

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sammydress giveaway

Hey Dolls! Yep another giveaway! Sponsored by Sammydress. Sammydress carries some amazing collection, & they cover almost everything from women's clothing to men's to kids' & home and toys as well. I styled a sammydress overcoat here.



Ends: 5/16/2014



Monday, April 21, 2014

Zelo Hair Smoothing System Review: Do your hair a favor, They'll thank you!!


Recently I had the opportunity to try out Zelo  brazilian keratin Hair Smoothing System

According to the site

"Zelo  brazilian keratin Hair Smoothing System utilizes the most advanced professional keratin smoothing technology and the finest natural ingredients which work together to eliminate frizz, smooth rebellious curls, and deliver essential nutrients. Zelo delivers total frizz and curl control for up to 30 washes. The rich blend of oils, vitamins and organic proteins delivers sleek and shiny salon results at home. "

About my hair 

  1. Thin
  2. Fine
  3. Natural ( only sulfate free products go in my hair. For God's sake, its my hair not some lab experiment for all those chemicals, so what if its knotted, tangled & all that )
  4. Frizzy
  5. curly 
  6. Tangles easily (almost always tangled to the extent, I can only detangle in the shower with the conditioner in! Oh! Didn't I tell you in the last post I live like a grunge, Here is the proof)
(Oh God! Like seriously? Is there anything good about my hair? Lolz, It looks really bad when you actually write it down)
So OK! Lets See If Zelo Hair Smoothing System Can Do Anything good to this bad a case.

  1. Troublesome hair or any hair
  2. Lots of patience
  3. Zelo Hair Smoothing kit
TIP* :
  1.  Keep a spair spray bottle handy
  2. You can put a face mask on your face saves time
  3. You can put desitin or zinc oxide cream on face to prevent your face from the product coz the product burns if in contact with the skin, so protect your face.
(The product is safe for the skin & is a completely natural product, but it may just cause slight irritation on the skin & more so on sensitive skin)

MY EXPERIENCE with the product
  1. Apply the product as directed, clear instructions
  2. The spray bottle didn't work in my case. There were two, none worked, I guess the product was too thick to travel through the narrow tube in the spray bottle. So I had to tale it in palms to work it in my hair. The application got a bit clumsy.TIP * Keep an extra one handy with you before starting the process
  3. My eyes burned  a lot & got red & watery while ironing ( I got in touch with a very helpful rep from zelocare & she suggested that I might have not washed very well after the processing time, so wash your hair really well before ironing)
  4. The results are really worth it. Salon like hair at home at a fraction of price
  5. I haven't washed my hair after the procedure, so yep, lets see if the effect remains even after the wash, They claim that the effect remains up to 30 washes. I can't comment on that just yet
  6. ITS A NATURAL PRODUCT, with only natural ingredients, no harsh chemicals
  7.  It may seem difficult but its quite convenient to use.
  8. Love the fact that you can still curl your hair anytime.
  9. To maintains straight results (after treatment) blow-dry hair after washing

DO i RECOMMEND : OF COURSE! (u don't need more reasons, do your hair a favor, they'll thank you)

Will I buy it again : Of Course
With a toddler on go, I hardly get any time to visit salons, what can be be better than this plus you know what's going in your hair & that its all natural

My Rating : 4.5/5 (.5 deducted for the spray bottle not working)

You have to get it now if:

  • You love straight hair but at the same don't hate your curls 
  • You want to get a salon like treatment for your hair at fraction of price
  • You love natural yet effective hair treatments
  • You want to tame your frizzy hair
BUY IT HERE for $ 35 !   & head out in style


UPDATE: I washed my hair again a few days after the procedure & even my husband who rarely complements me said that my hair were looking b'ful, silky & shiny

* I was gifted this product  for the purpose of review from Zelo and Sverve.com, however my opinions are honest & unbiased*

Friday, April 18, 2014

(H)ubby's (H)oodie!! (H)ip (H)ip (H)ooray!!!

Hey Dolls! Happy weekend! 
Recently I was contacted by this amazing online store www.ApparelnBags.com 
& I am so glad they did. ApparelnBags.com is a leading online Wholesale Apparel Supplier that carries wide range of named brand clothing at low prices along with the fastest delivery.
They carry brands like Adidas, Anvil, Gildan, Jerzees, Harriton, Devon & Jones, Chestnut Hill, and Fruit of the loom, Hanes, etc

My experience:
The first thing that comes to my mind is: Fast shipping
  1. Oh boy! They are super fast, as in I placed the order at night & the day after that I got it. Can you beat that.
  2. I loved browsing the site, everything shown is in stock,( I hate it while browsing some other sites, you like something, you click on it & then find it 'out of stock ' or even worse, you place the order & then you get an email, the order was cancelled, coz the item is 'out of stock' I mean, Like Seriously?)
  3. Lots of name brands. This hoodie is by 'DISTRICT Clothing'
  4. Free Returns
  5. My hoodie is really warm & you can see in the pictures how awesome it is

HOODIE : C/O www.ApparelnBags.com
SUNNIES : Similar here
Socks: claires


Wear your boyfriend's hoodie!

Yes, This hoodie I got from www.ApparelnBags.com  , is the size of my hubby's & from men's section.
You can find some amazing collection of hoodies at STYLEWE as well
Raiding my hubby's & bro's wardrobe is like a second job to me & I thought, as it is, half the time I am wearing hubby's clothes, & he complains of not being able to find his clothes, & nothing left to wear to office, & that, coz of me all his clothes are in laundry. Well, my reason is, I'll be honest with you guys, I look better in borrowed clothes. Simple! What can I do? But he doesn't understand this simplest thing.

Had to come up with a solution

So I thought why not get a hoodie of his size  & then wear it, he wouldn't complain & might even want to borrow it from me. Problem solved & a small happy family we will be :)

My style, if you read this blog often you'd know, is mostly, relaxed & comfortable, & I live like a grunge ( Ask my husband, there isn't a single element of lie in that) ummm mostly or should we say my baby has converted me into one. "grunge"  I'm all for sneakers & flats compared to heels & I feel that's where the challenge is, make baggy shapeless things look sexy.

This look is all about that. How to wear this trend
  1. You can wear this trend the way I did 
  2. Or You can even wear it like a dress & put a belt on the waist.
  3. Add some girly element, may be a pretty hairband or lace tights, my heart sunglasses in this case
  4. High Heels
  5. Skinny jeans or leggings
  6. rockstar vibe? leather shorts, plaid shirt
  7. Wear it like a cape on just over the shoulders, Ahh! we all have seen that in movies, when the heroine is cold & the hero puts his jacket or coat on the girl's shoulders

Another Hubby's Hoodie last worn HERE

Have a fun, stylish weekend!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Shades of Pink

Hey Dolls!
I'll make it quick today & yes you're right, its the same top I wore in my last OOTD, coz I took these pictures the same day, just changed into the skirt in the evening. Love this skater skirt, who doesn't love skirts in spring. They bring out 'the feminine' best in you. & what could be more feminine than a skirt which is also pink.

Lipcolor : revlon
shoes : benetton
Clutch : similar

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ahaishopping & Aidentist Giveaway

Hey dolls!

Yep! Giveaway time! 
I know! doesn't that bring a SMILE on everybody's face

Our Clothes, shoes, makeup & everything else is in order, but what happened to our favorite accessory, did we just forget to take care of that. Ummm, our best feature "SMILE"


All my pretty fashionista readers must be already aware of the online clothing store AHAISHOPPING, one of leaders of high fashion bargain clothing stores,and   provide free shipping worldwide.
AHAISHOPPING has recently launched a new site called  http://www.aidentist.com/ which is about dental equipment's. Ahaishopping's sister company, sells dental equipments such as dental ultrasonic scalersdental handpiecemarathon micro motor,dental curing lightultrasonic cleanerintraoral camera, etc. They have products of top brands like NSK, Woodpecker, Being, Jime, and Tosi.
They provide a wide range of dental products, including dental equipments, endodontic products, and surgery equipments. Aidentist.com offers worldwide free shipping, 3 -12 months warranty and 30 days return policy.Ahaishopping &

So dolls time to say cheese & bring out our favorite accessory "SMILE" & make it more impressive with AIDENTIST 
And why not, I say, when we have a great reason to smile, they've sponsored us a giveaway & cute prizes to win


Ends: 5/1/2014



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  3. Choose five products or categories that you think best from http://www.aidentist.com/ and comment & mention your email id


Little Black Dress

Every girl has to have one perfect LBD or may be lots of LBDs :P, ONE is not enough , when you talk about girls. If I like something (or not) I have to have at least more than one of it.
Coming back to the point, what do you think of this Seductive in Black Jewel Neck Cocktail Dress with Illusion Embellishment from Dressale. This is an elegant sexy dress with cutouts on sides. it is fitted with a sheer cloth running from the shoulder part down to the arms & cutout holes on sides. I'm loving this cutout trend in dresses, & specially for summer wardrobe. 
Good news Is: Its on sale, a whooping 70% off available for only USD $97.99
You can choose the color , they have some more color options available
Seductive in Black Jewel Neck Cocktail Dress with Illusion EmbellishmentSeductive in Black Jewel Neck Cocktail Dress with Illusion Embellishment

"As the dress is Made-To-Order, both standard size and custom measurements orders will be crafted accordingly by our tailors. With "custom measurements", your dress will be specially tailored for your accurate match."
Tailor made dresses can be very expensive. 
Grab it before its gone, visit Dressale website and feel free to visit their Facebook fan page 
Going to a party or on a date this dress will sure draw attention towards you & take everybody's breath away.. So Its time to do yourself a favour, get yourself a sexy look with this hot dress & impress the guy of your dreams
& Wait! Wait! don't just head out like that Pair it with some gorgeous shoes to be perfect head to toe
I suggest these
Glittering Almond Toe Stiletto Heel Pumps in OL StyleGlittering Almond Toe Gobelt Heel Pumps with SequinsBewitching Pointed Toe Two-tone Stiletto Heel Sandal with BucklesEye-catching Sheepskin Pointy Toe Stiletto Pumps with Studs Detail


DRESSALE has asked me to invite fellow blogger friends to join their Dressale blogger program. DRESSALE is looking for bloggers to cooperate with them, they will offer cash coupon to spend on the website. please leave them an email: marketing_shirley@dressale.com & mention referred by LETS DOLL UP in the email.
Happy Dressy Cooperation!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Black Lace shorts / OOTD

Hey dolls!
I love these shorts from OASAP,  Love the quality of these shorts, I love lace material & love to include it in my looks, Its currently on sale for only $6.9 
That is such a steal. dolls, GRAB IT before its gone. CHECK IT HERE
Available in Black & White

About the lace shorts, I own at least 5, but I didn't have one in black, happy to get it from OASAP

This is what happens when I shout :O 

Sunglasses : Jeeper peepers
Boots: UCB