Monday, April 21, 2014

Zelo Hair Smoothing System Review: Do your hair a favor, They'll thank you!!


Recently I had the opportunity to try out Zelo  brazilian keratin Hair Smoothing System

According to the site

"Zelo  brazilian keratin Hair Smoothing System utilizes the most advanced professional keratin smoothing technology and the finest natural ingredients which work together to eliminate frizz, smooth rebellious curls, and deliver essential nutrients. Zelo delivers total frizz and curl control for up to 30 washes. The rich blend of oils, vitamins and organic proteins delivers sleek and shiny salon results at home. "

About my hair 

  1. Thin
  2. Fine
  3. Natural ( only sulfate free products go in my hair. For God's sake, its my hair not some lab experiment for all those chemicals, so what if its knotted, tangled & all that )
  4. Frizzy
  5. curly 
  6. Tangles easily (almost always tangled to the extent, I can only detangle in the shower with the conditioner in! Oh! Didn't I tell you in the last post I live like a grunge, Here is the proof)
(Oh God! Like seriously? Is there anything good about my hair? Lolz, It looks really bad when you actually write it down)
So OK! Lets See If Zelo Hair Smoothing System Can Do Anything good to this bad a case.

  1. Troublesome hair or any hair
  2. Lots of patience
  3. Zelo Hair Smoothing kit
TIP* :
  1.  Keep a spair spray bottle handy
  2. You can put a face mask on your face saves time
  3. You can put desitin or zinc oxide cream on face to prevent your face from the product coz the product burns if in contact with the skin, so protect your face.
(The product is safe for the skin & is a completely natural product, but it may just cause slight irritation on the skin & more so on sensitive skin)

MY EXPERIENCE with the product
  1. Apply the product as directed, clear instructions
  2. The spray bottle didn't work in my case. There were two, none worked, I guess the product was too thick to travel through the narrow tube in the spray bottle. So I had to tale it in palms to work it in my hair. The application got a bit clumsy.TIP * Keep an extra one handy with you before starting the process
  3. My eyes burned  a lot & got red & watery while ironing ( I got in touch with a very helpful rep from zelocare & she suggested that I might have not washed very well after the processing time, so wash your hair really well before ironing)
  4. The results are really worth it. Salon like hair at home at a fraction of price
  5. I haven't washed my hair after the procedure, so yep, lets see if the effect remains even after the wash, They claim that the effect remains up to 30 washes. I can't comment on that just yet
  6. ITS A NATURAL PRODUCT, with only natural ingredients, no harsh chemicals
  7.  It may seem difficult but its quite convenient to use.
  8. Love the fact that you can still curl your hair anytime.
  9. To maintains straight results (after treatment) blow-dry hair after washing

DO i RECOMMEND : OF COURSE! (u don't need more reasons, do your hair a favor, they'll thank you)

Will I buy it again : Of Course
With a toddler on go, I hardly get any time to visit salons, what can be be better than this plus you know what's going in your hair & that its all natural

My Rating : 4.5/5 (.5 deducted for the spray bottle not working)

You have to get it now if:

  • You love straight hair but at the same don't hate your curls 
  • You want to get a salon like treatment for your hair at fraction of price
  • You love natural yet effective hair treatments
  • You want to tame your frizzy hair
BUY IT HERE for $ 35 !   & head out in style


UPDATE: I washed my hair again a few days after the procedure & even my husband who rarely complements me said that my hair were looking b'ful, silky & shiny

* I was gifted this product  for the purpose of review from Zelo and, however my opinions are honest & unbiased*


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  6. Great review. Your hair sounds like mine except mine isn't wavy/curly. I think I will look into this more. Thanks!