Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Windy Day

Hey dolls!
Hope everyone had a fun & stylish long weekend. The other day we went to San Francisco. Oh boy, Its still so cold & windy. I mean, some days california is hot, some days its cold, its so difficult to decide what to wear.
 I mean like, dude, make up you mind! will you?
But anyways, this gave me a chance to wear this COAT that I ordered from Dresslily sometime ago but never got a chance to wear. Enjoy the pics.
This outfit comes in 2 parts, during the day when it wasn't cold I wore it without the coat, That I'll cover in another post

BOOTS : similar1 & 2

This coat is really gorgeous, not the warmest one but perfect for fall & lesser cold days. It has a lapel cape collar which I love. Lately I am craving powerful bold shoulders, so it gets bonus points for that.
As for the shipping time, which is mostly a concern when ordering from asian sites, this one was pretty quick too. I also got a mustache watch from Dresslily that I wore in my last post.


  1. I've heard it gets pretty cold in San Fran, definitely gotta note to bring a jacket when I get there later this year!


  2. Loved your outfit... nice pics!! :)


  3. You look great in that coat.

    xx Lori

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