Saturday, May 17, 2014


Hey Dolls!

My brother, Dad & other male friends always keep asking me online sites to buy nice belts. So here I've compiled a list for all of you.


Getting the accessories right, along with the right kind of outfit, is today’s mantra of fashion. Today

we have sub categories for all kinds of lifestyle products, which are divided on the basis of specific

occasions; this particular rule applies to belts as well. You have leather belts for formal occasion, funky

belts for casual times and premium class belts for party times. Gone are those times when belts used to

hold your pants to your waist, nowadays they hold your status more.


When we think about any lifestyle product category, it is impossible that we do not think about is one of the leading online fashion stores in India, and has a huge brand

affiliation in the lifestyle and apparels segment. If we talk specifically about belts, then has

got all kinds of brands like Levis, Roadster, Peter England, DIESEL and many more. All these brands are

known for all kinds of belts, right from formal ones to casual ones.


It does not matter that you have a waist size of 24inch or 105inch; every kind of size, in belt, is available

at It also offers belts in a wide price range, right from Rs 300 till Rs 3000, however majority

of the collection lies in the price range of 300-500. Brands like Louis Philippe, woodland, Levis, Puma,

UCB and many more are housed at has a huge collection at good discounted

offers which makes the belts at, a real good pick.


Trendy and colorful belts are the latest trend in the lifestyle segment, and all such trendy products are

present at The belts at are at medium range and target the common man segment.

Majority of the collection is for women who like keeping themselves updated with the latest in the

market. Koovs, Roxy, Miss Chase Ivy and many such brands are present at There are a few

pieces at the store which are available at as much as 50% discount. There is one special feature about; it minimizes the filters once we start scrolling and shows at the home page, making the search

process easier.


There is a huge collection of belts at, that too at every price range. is one of the

largest lifestyle online stores in India, and has a huge brand affiliation. This affiliation is one reason that

the store never faces the problem of stock crisis. 47 Maple, Fastrack, Elan, American Swan and many

other forms the gamut of The store provides you with the discount offer like buy above a

particular amount and gets a particular discount percentage.

SNAPDEAL.COM majorly stores belts for men and women, and has as much as 2500 pieces at the store. All

the brands that are into the manufacturing belts are present at the store and a few examples of them are

Lino Perros, Mayhem, Midas, MTV and many more. One can buy a belt for as low as Rs 135 and as high

as Rs 3000.


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