Monday, May 26, 2014

Model 21 eyelashes

Let me begin with a Confession. This is the first time I've put on the eye lashes myself &I've always been so scared of putting the eyelashes & I thought of it as the most difficult part of make up & was always so envious of the girls who'd wear eyelashes & have those b'ful dreamy eyes. Seriously how unnecessary was all this & how ignorant I was. All I needed was a pair of MODEL 21 LASHES & a good quality glue, I used DUO. I so regret of not having been introduced to MODEL 21 LASHES before.

  • It didn't poke me at all in the corner of my eyes
  • Very comfortable. I didn't even realize I had them on
  • Weightless
  • So natural looking
  • Very soft, both lashes & the band
  • Easy to glue on
  • long lasting, I had them on for more than 4 hrs
  • Reusable, can be used more than once
Where you can buy :

I used the first lashes shown in the picture which I've cut in the size to fit my natural lash line & the remaining shorter part left after cutting has been saved for later use at the end corners of the lashes.

WATCH : Dresslily
Necklace : Tanus designs
eyeshadow : Mary kay
I wore them in my last post only, but thought they deserve a separate post


  1. Thats sounds great and it do look good.

    xx Lori

  2. look awww!!!

  3. The eye lashes look nice on u xoxo

  4. Can you please do a review on these?

  5. Can you please do a review on these?

    1. Sure, you can reach me at my email address :

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