Sunday, June 15, 2014


SHOES SHOES SHOES Just enuff of these SHOES!!! Complains hubby
& I'm sure many of you ( read : all ) hear it often in your house too.
Well, men can never understand the undying love of women for shoes!
& the complains continue.
- I think we need to buy another house just to keep your shoes
- & While travelling 'OH MY GOD, like seriously, an entire bag just for shoes'
- & this one, you have only two feet, why do you need so many shoes, you can only wear one pair at a time

Well I give up trying to explain & I don't have answers to any of these bugging questions & complain, but only hope someone could answer his questions

But this also got me thinking that I have only one or two pairs which I wear most often, not coz I like the style or color or anything, but coz my feet love them, you must have also seen on this blog, that I often repeat my sneakers, black boots & mint colored shoes. That's because they are the most comfortable ones & we all know what an uncomfortable pair of shoes does to our two little poor feet. & so a few pairs are used very often while the remaining 100s of shoes sit relaxed in the back of my closet, while I only wish

  • If only I could put the design & pattern of  all those shoes on my most comfortable pair
  • If only someone could come up with a solution which could put an end to hubby's complains about the space that my shoes occupy 
  • If only packing the shoes while traveling could be easier, weightless while flying & so on
  • If only , my shoes could fit in my small clutch so I could change into them while suddenly in the office, friends plan to go to pub, after work.

Well, thats a lot to ask for. 
But ' Never loose hope' , a wise man once said & "Neccessity is the mother of invention", another one said.
So finger crossed & enters
YES A perfect solution to all your shoe related questions

In other words, INTERCHANGABLE skin for your shoes, change the skin of your shoe whenever you want, you can change the skin of your most comfortable pair to match your every outfit

Some other of my favorite patterns that they carry

Zebra PrintCheetah PrintNewspaperHoundstooth

They are raising the last bit of money needed to purchase the comfortable and revolutionary heels, Ciccarelli Heels
The heels made for high pheels fit the best
Ciccarelli Heels are designed to hold a pair of High Pheels perfectly, and are manufactured with comfort in mind. A comfort foam padding and gel insole are built directly into the shoe.
More details on the campaign here
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  1. That Looks great and a good way to change ur footwear from time to time.

    xx Lori

  2. nice :)

  3. that is soooooooo clever !