Friday, June 27, 2014

LBD Custom Made

Hey Dolls!
Its already friday!
& my mind is running fast making plans for the weekend! Yippie!


I got this dress from - the only online women's fashion apparel company offering size 0-36W & Custom clothing
Isn't that amazing considering How expensive custom made dresses are, I mean sure, They are made perfectly for your body type, to hide your body flaws & to enhance your assets but ah! if only every one could afford them!
Well! why not, just head over to eshakti & you'll be amazed. 
Many a times while shopping online, we see a product ex a top & like it a lot, almost perfect for a night out with friends but there is always an 'almost'
You might want it

  •  with or without pockets
  •  shorter or longer hem line
  • with or without sleeves
  •  short sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, full sleeves
  •  neckline: sweetheart or round, or square.
SUre we can buy it & take it to a tailor but that costs a lot, more than what we paid for the product & we want allt these changes free of cost, no extra charges for the changes, damnit!

I mean, we girls, just totally looooooove something & at the same time also want to change everything it is. Well these things might or might not change but girls will be girls!
Coming back to point!  (got carried away) 
All these changes you can make to any item you like at eshakti. 

  • Make it your own, for your body type & your measurements.

My Experience with this dress:

I was too lazy to give my measurements or to change anything at that time, so Just went for " as shown" in the picture. Also, I liked what was shown on the website so didn't find it required anything to change & skipped that part & went for "medium"
(Well first thing: a medium is a medium : we blogger who are mostly wearing a lot of chinese & korean clothes need to be reminded that, & That, no matter, if we buy an xl or xxl from chinese sites, we still are a ' medium ')

  • SO yes medium is a medium & fits me perfectly, not too tight , not too loose.
  • Very well made, great stitching, good quality cloth, no loose button , or anything of the sort
  • Came very well packed in a box & nicely ironed , nothing wrinkly there
  • Very reasonable for custom made clothing
  • They have a great collection of dresses & other clothings, I love their reto inspired dresses
  • Its an Indian brand & I feel like a proud Indian! YAY! But in no ways biased. 
  • Find it out for yourself! You'll love it! I recommend! 5 stars from me! Get your own custom made dress


  1. Nice dress...

  2. lovely dress <3 The sunglasses are so cute!

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