Sunday, December 21, 2014

A NEW Way To style that old boyfriend Jacket (actual)

Jacket : Fecbek
BOOTS : Similar
Pleated shorts :  Similar


I just can't get enough of these boyfriend jacket outfit posts. ( Another Boyfriend jacket look here) I mean this is the one most versatile piece of clothing I've ever been introduced to.

* Both you & your bf can wear it :P haha
* There are just so many ways it can be styled, just let your creativity flow

I have repeated it here again & again , How I love to experiment with my style & clothes. This Outfit post is just that, an experiment with my husband's jacket & the result is an outfit which I think looks Über Glam

All you need is a jacket like this & a belt to cinch your waist & ta da! A super glamorous Look

BUY : here

“Once you have found your style, you should stick to it.” ~ Audrey Hepburn.

That might be true but that's just not me. I believe fashion is an art & its all about being creative. & where is the fun if you don't change it up. So here at this blog you'll keep seeing new things, new styles, new trends & new ways to style those old clothes.
And if you think that its enough now & things have started going out of hands, I have started going mad & crazy in the name of  creativity , just whisper it to me :P That'll be our secret Image result for wink smiley