Thursday, December 11, 2014

How To Wear PLEATED PANTS / Fall colors

Pants: forever 21

For long, Pleated pants have had a bad reputation, considered masculine, too formal, etc but If styled properly this fabulous piece of clothing can enhance your assets & hide your flaws, making you look chic & ultra glamorous. & Yes you don't need Issey Miyake to do the pleats of your pants, any regular pleated pants from your favorite store can do the trick , making you look like a show stopper & being comfortable at the same time. 

  1. So cinch your mid-section & emphasize the smallest part of waist, the pleats will hide your flaws or the pooch ( so I wear my pants slightly high waist)
  2. Roll the hem, giving the illusion of height
  3. If you have shorter legs, high waist will look better
  4. pair with tank tops, crop tops to balance the whole ensemble ( Tip: If you feel something, a piece of clothing is too loose or un-sexy, combine it with something super sexy to balace everything)
  5. For an interesting look, if you have super tiny waist ( not me :/) pair with a tucked in sweaterMiroslava Duma in bright yellow, oversized, cabled sweater and pleaded pants. Very chic! Paris Fashion Week, Street style.
  6. Or else pair with a loose crop sweater, that doesn't hug your body, boxy style, to give an illusion of tiny waist


  1. Amazing color combination, you look very cute!
    Have a nice weekend doll!

  2. Loving the colors!

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  3. You are rocking this outfit, this color is one of my favorite :)