Monday, December 1, 2014


Hey Dolls!
Have you heard about Wigsbuy. Its an amazing store that carries a great variety of wigs. You can get a celebrity like look or hairstyle in a minute, they carry lots of celebrity inspired wigs, like olivia palmero, Lea Michele, etc. 
You can play with the length, the texture , the color & you can opt for curls, waves or straight hair wigs, All this without frying your hair out or doing any chemical treatment on your hair. It is really that simple. Whether you want that glossy looking celebrity like hairstyle ( which is almost impossible to achieve for someone like me, with dry, thin, fine curly hair) or out of the bed look ( ironic to the name it is even more difficult to achieve) you got everything at wigsbuy, just get the wig for the look you desire. Simple!
You can also buy the styles that will suit your face shape. They have a nice detailed article on that. For ex,
"Diamond shaped faces need a wig styled with fullness or width in the forehead hairline and the lower cheekbones of the face near the chin
Heart: Add volume at the chin.Look for chin-length or longer styles with side parts and swept-forward layers around the upper face 
The oval face allows for the most versatility in wig choices
Round: Add height rather than width. Look for chin-length or longer styles with fullness and height at the crown, a layered top, side parts"
These are some of my favorites:
 New Messy Medium Curly Bob Hairstyle 100% Human Remy Hair  Cheap Wig about 10 Inches

This is the Messy Medium Curly Bob Hairstyle, 100% Human Remy Hair , about 10 Inches 
I love this out of the bed hairstyle
150% Density Beautiful Long Curly Lace Front Wig Synthetic Hair about 22 inches

This is from one of their lace front medium length wigs collection. This one is absolutely gorgeous. The heavy curls & the hair color make this one an absolute stunner

You can shop  Short Human Hair Wigs to give yourself a fresh look without actually cutting down the length of your hair, I many a times wish I could have a bob hair cut but I also don't want to loose the length of my hair. So I'd definitely get this one for myself


  1. The second styling is my favorite! Adore this hair

  2. Love those wigs!

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