Monday, May 25, 2015

1 Dress 10 possibilities

Guest Post
Cocomelody: 1 Bridesmaid Dress, Ten More Possibilities!

Hey guys,

How is it going? Are you happy everyday? As girls, being happy is so easy. A loving sentence from our loved person, a good meal even a good dress. All these things make girls feel sweet even happy for the whole day.
And today I will recommend you Cocomelody’s new arrival itemconvertible bridesmaid dress.

This is indeed a creative style. You must be surprised a lot as it can be worn in 10 more different ways. Let me show you some more pictures:

One dress can be turned into 10 more looks in several minutes, amazing? You will be satisfied with yourself at least one style and you will not be bored in a short time! And thanks to Cocomelody, as a bride-to-be, you also don’t have to spend much time searching for different kinds of gowns for each member of your bridal party. One dress solves all problems, sounds great? What’s more, such kind of frock can be worn again and again for different special occasions. I bet that your pretty girls will appreciate you a lot!
Cocomelody is a US-based company which has been specialized in bridal field for over 15 years. So the quality can be guaranteed. She leads the entire working process and there is no middleman. That’s why you can get this magical convertible bridesmaid dress within your budget! And there are also many discount bridesmaid dresses waiting for you to choose from. Cocomelody is able to meet all your requirements and make you the focus on your important day!

You are so special and you are sure to make a difference in this world outwardly and inwardly. So let this one-stop dress brand Cocomelody realize your dream and make you unique!


  1. That dress looks amazing!

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