Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Hey Dolls,
You've already heard about Promtimes on this blog.  You can buy some really stunning dresses from this store at deep discounts.
PROM: That time of the year, that day of the high school, that time, when a lot happens, lots of good & bad things happen, lots of money is spent, dresses are bought & other stuff shh!!! happens too. Among all that good & bad, every girl has to look their very best. There are just so many things to take care of,  nails, hair, shoes, jewelry, dinner reservations, & the most important of all : THE PROM DRESS, A dress that will make your date go weak in the knees.
But, the best of dresses come with a really big price tag & then the bigger question: Are your parents willing to spend that kind of money on a dress, which, ahem! is going to be worn just once. I know, I am sounding cliche, a bit old school, mommy types, but  that is exactly what your parents are going to tell you!
So, this is where I come to your rescue, & I present to you PROMTIMES. They even carry prom dresses under $ 50
Here are some of my favorite Prom dresses
Sweetheart Sleeveless Floor-length Long Fuchsia Prom Dresses UK PD0060

Buy here. I love the beautiful mermaid like details & silhouette of this dress.

"We are all made up of the same skin and bones. What separates us is what we dress over it "

Empire Strapless Sweetheart Sleeveless Floor-length Colorful Chiffon Prom Dress IS0108
Buy here How gorgeous is this color. I am pretty sure it'll look great on everyone

Sweetheart Sleeveless Asymmetrical Blue Prom Dresses UK PD0096


I love the ruffles & high - low pattern of this dress

And always remember, " What is important in a dress is the woman wearing it"


& Don't forget to check the beautiful collection of evening dresses under $50 too

Sunday, October 18, 2015



This day marks my break up with Jeans. Well to be honest, I was never a big fan of jeans, not that I don't like the look of jeans but because I like to wear relaxed clothes more for the sake of comfort. I am so happy that culottes are back, for they are super fun, trendy & comfy.
I got this pair of culottes from wholesale7.  They have all the sizes available in this piece.

Friday, October 16, 2015

STRIPED in New York


Hey Dolls!
Everyone ready for the weekend, so here I'll leave you with some pictures from my New york vacation. Yes, visited the very happening , the fashion capital, New York City & I am ready to share with you all the adventures & tales of this trip

Thursday, October 15, 2015

LEGO (sponsored)

Holocaust in Lego Scenes

A Lego timeline of the Holocaust has been making waves across the internet after being created as part of a 16-year-old's history project.
The unnamed student, who comes from St Helens, depicted various key events in the Holocaust, which resulted in the murder of millions of Jews by the Nazis
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The timeline starts in January 1933 with a picture showing Adolf Hitler being appointed as Chancellor of Germany.
He stands in front of a crowd of people with a swastika behind him made out of red and white Lego bricks.

He told the Liverpool Echo: “My history teacher set us a task to create something that will help people remember the Holocaust, as every history GCSE student in the country has to study it.
I decided not to make a poster, but to make a timeline. This would help me to remember the dates better.

As I’m not a very good drawer I thought why not do something I am good at?

I’m pretty overwhelmed by the reaction online; there’s been a huge variance in what people think about it.
"Usually my photos and creations get a few hundred views, so it was certainly a surprise to wake up to 275,000 views.”


This is followed by a scene from February 1933 which has the caption “40,000 SS and SAS men are sworn in as auxillary police”
Another image shows: "The Reichstag is burned, probably by the Nazis."

Answering comments on the site he said: "My collection is a combination of all my Lego, all the Lego my brother has bought and all the Lego several cousins have bought.

"They think they’re too old for it. It would be hard to put an absolute value on how much I’ve spent on Lego over the years, but it’s a lot. I spend more on Lego than I do on anything else."

Among the scenes is a depiction of the D-Day landings and the opening of Auschwitz.

The timeline ends with the Lego Hitler lying on a Swastika with the caption "Hitler commits suicide."
There is then a final photo showing the desk where all the Lego scenes were made.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Long long ago : D&G STYLE + Wishlist


I really love the whimsical, magical feel of this dress & its totally D&G inspired from the Fall/Winter 2014-15 runway collection
 The floral & key prints are all so fairy tale like & make me feel like a princess. If you love this dress as much as I do, there are some more options that you can consider which I have linked below, although I couldn't find the exact same piece but believe me these ones from SHEIN are equally pretty.

Saturday, October 3, 2015



10 Shoes Every Woman Should Own

If we lived by Carrie Bradshaw's rules, then we could never have too many shoes. Sometimes, we think that may be the case. However, we don't have the budget (or closet space for that matter) to jump on every single trend.

To make your wardrobe planning a little easier, we've zeroed in on the 10 key shoe styles every woman should have in her closet. If you adhere to this foolproof footwear plan, then you'll always have the pair you need. From your secret-weapon statement shoe to the go-anywhere ankle boot, click on to see, shop, and stock your closet with all the necessary ingredients.
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Basic Ballet Flats

Ballet flats (or skimmer flats) are a no-fuss solution to feeling polished and pulled together while on the go. They're equal parts ladylike and casual, meaning we can wear them with pretty pleated skirts, shift dresses, or even cutoffs.

Casual Kicks

Gym sneakers are meant for the gym, but a pair of cute kicks like these are a wardrobe basic worth investing in. They'll look a whole lot sweeter with jeans than your cross-trainers will.

Go-With-Everything Ankle Boots

It's no wonder these ankle boots have a huge celebrity following. The neutral hue and walkable heel will serve you well year-round.

Summer Wedges

Come Spring and Summer, we make the seasonal shift to sandals. Great wedges are easy to walk in and pair just as well with party dresses as they do with casual shorts and denim.

The Classic Pump

This pair of polished pumps will never let you down. From the office to your evenings out, these are a classically chic finish to everything.

Everyday Sandals

Think of these as your much-cooler alternative to flip-flops. Since we gravitate toward flat sandals all Summer long, make sure you opt for a pair with details you'll be happy to slip into on a daily basis. Something with a fun color or great studded finish can up the ante on your everyday dress.

Statement Heels

Every girl needs a pair of seriously sexy heels in her arsenal. Whether you opt for vibrant color, a statement print, or ultrasexy detailing, this pair should be the one you throw on with everything from jeans to your evening dresses to feel instantly sexy.

Classic Riding Boots

For Fall, Winter, rain, and beyond, a pair of tall boots lends polish and protection from the elements. They're as chic as they are practical.

Nude Heels

Nude heels are a no-brainer for completing our evening looks as well as our dressier day ensembles. They're seasonless, go with everything, and pull double duty, lengthening our stems.

Smart Oxfords/Loafers

Smart brogues or loafers have become a wardrobe mainstay. Think of these as an office-to-off-duty alternative to sneakers with a preppy-cool twist.

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(Article Source: Popsugar)

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