Tuesday, January 19, 2016

How to keep it trendy on a RAINY DAY!

Dress : HERE


Its raining a lot in california & I am glad it is. We need all the rain we can get here in california. How are you dolls keeping it stylish?
Well the options are endless, cute umbrellas, stylish raincoats, Rain boots.
My favorite dress for one such day is this dress, it keeps you warm & dry without sacrificing on the style factor
Some other quilted things that caught my eye

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Slimming tips with clever styling

It often happens, that a formal dress might just look meh at times, while at other times the same dress might look stunning worn by the same person. 
Why? It often depends on how you style it, how you accessories, the dress might be your main focal point, but its the other pieces in the ensemble that together make or break that outfit.

Here in this outfit I am wearing an indian Kurta as maxi dress, you can find some really pretty ones at MissyDressesau.com

Slimming tips
1) Layering for slimming :  While logic & popular belief is layering adds "extra" to what you actually are. But if you layer smartly, it can actually be slimming & hide your flaws. For instance I am not too fond of my shoulders & arms, this cardi hides my flaws perfectly, while also keeping me warm & cozy in the cold weather

2) PRINTS : This one also works great for me. Busy prints on a darker background creates slimming effect. There is no focal point for the eye & it tricks the mind, camoflages the trouble spots like hiding the pooch, making you look slimmer

3) Decide the length & Emphasize your assets : This dress shows the shapely legs while being flowy, camoflages the middle.

4) Distract with Accessories: A necklace or two draw the eyes away from your flaws 

5) Wear with confidence & keep smiling : I know this one sounds cliche but really everything looks good when you wear it with confidence