Saturday, February 6, 2016

30th Birthday / Trend: Maxi skirt + crop tops

SKIRT : Here
Scarf: Here
Top: similar

 SKIRT : Here

 Hey There My Beautiful Readers!

It was my 30th Birthday on 2nd February. God! That really did happen! Turned 30! May the 20s rest in peace! I don't want to say that I wasn't happy on my birthday but I guess it was a mixed feeling.

About my Birthday Dress. Well,  yes, It had to be spectacular! This awesome pleated skirt from Shein was exactly what I needed to cheer myself up!

But honestly I think My 20s were totally freaking awesome!

Fell in love & Got married to the most awesome person on earth at 22

Gave birth to an adorable son at 26 & fell in love once again

I also started this blog when I was 26 & made connection with you guys , my awesome readers

I guess I had really awesome 20s

& Now I don't want anything else from life other than just enjoying it with the 2 most wonderful & handsome boys who mean the world to me. & continue connecting with my readers.

Coming back to  the outfit:
Lately I am really loving this trend of wearing crop tops with maxi skirts. I also wore this trend here & here
Crop tops worn with maxi skirt  emphasize the thin waist without looking cheesy
Little bit skin show balances well with the yards of fabric of the skirt

Umm, This being my 30th B'day, I think I should rename this blog " Fashion After 30s " What say guys ?
I think it'll take a while to get "turned 30" out of my head. Guys please bear with me if I look a bit too cranky here! You know the reason!


  1. Lovely skirt! You look amazing)
    Have a wonderful day,

  2. You look beautiful in this maxi skirt <3 Lovely pics!!!

  3. Happy birthday! Great skirt!
    Xoxo, Victoria

  4. Are U 30? Really! Woah. I don't believe that. U seem to be a teen. I think it's a lie. Nah! Ur quite a hottie. ;-)

  5. Great photos ! look so gorgeous ! love the maxi skirt :)