Tuesday, April 19, 2016


So, When it comes to going on vacation the most exciting part is shopping, packing & doing some math.
General formula
No. of days  x 2 = No. of clothes
But if you are weak at maths & find it difficult to do simple multiplications, God save you! But don't worry you're not alone.
So the last time we went on vacation, this is exactly what happened to me. Two more days left & nothing left to wear, meaning I had already worn all my outfits once on this trip. Now What?

HUBBY : Repeat one of the dresses
ME: What? Are you insane?

Hubby: Why, What's wrong with that. I am wearing the same jeans for the last 5 days
Me: What? Seriously?
First of all, That's disgusting!
Second of all, You've broken all fashion rules at once, yes all of them!
& of course I can't repeat , if I do, a baby panda bear will die & you know those are endangered, now you obviously don't want that to happen.
& Not to mention everytime you repeat an outfit "SOMEONE UNFRIENDS YOU! BEWARE FRIENDS"

Hubby : Fed up with my ranting, You can borrow my clothes
ME: Hmmm, thinking.... He must really love those Panda Bears Anyways, That might actually solve my problem

& That is when I borrowed this T-shirt/ sweater/whatever it was from him & twisted it in every possible way to come up with different outfits. Lolz!

(Disclaimer :Well of course I am a full supporter of repeating clothes, I do that all the time, just be creative & wear them differently & don't worry you're not killing baby panda bears nor hurting anybody's feelings & nobody will unfriend you. )

TOP: Click Here (similar)

Outfit: 1 (As it is)

The neck covers the bust & the sleeves go around the neck

The neck id the bust & the sleeves inside out work like pockets

So if your hubby refuses to lend you his pullover because you drank his cup of coffee this morning, (you nasty girl :P , (evil laugh hahaha)) You can buy a loose stretchy pullover like this , remember stretchy is the key. & style it in many ways
If you are interested in detailed tutorial or videos , let me know I'll work on that
Looks like , I am doing a lot of posts on men's clothes hacks, this last post being similar too


  1. This post is beautiful :) Love the look :)

  2. Very creative of you LOL, love how you did this one for three outfits, good for you. :)
    You know what, it's interesting that today I was doing exactly the same thing, that is borrowing a T-shirt from my husband's wardrobe and wearing it as one of my own.
    I also like to dress unconventionally, and I let myself inspired by my husband's wardrobe.
    My today's story on my blog is how I pulled off the boyfriend t-shirt look; and then I come to see your blog and I see this. :))))
    Just like you, I also like to repeat clothes, but wear them differently every time.
    Have a great weekend!
    Xoxo, Victoria


  3. These photos are stunning! Love the lipstick, too!