Sunday, September 25, 2016

First Autumn Look: Layering

What I wore : PEPLUM TOP,  Cardigan, Houndstooth pants, Heart shaped sunglasses

Its official, Autumn has begun, & with autumn begins layering! Beautiful colors all around, its my favorite season. As temps begin to drop ,I am totally excited to start preparing the fall wardrobe. Its that time of the year A cardigan is the staple piece for fall & winter wardrobe.


Friday, September 23, 2016


Hey Friends
Buybubblefootball Today's post is not directly related to fashion but still doesn't lack on the fun factor. Its about a new sport called Bubble Football.
Although not related to fashion, but its something I believe in & I'd love to try. In this busy world, what do you like to do to connect with your friends & family. I believe travelling & sports are two things that can really establish a connection with your dear ones. Its the time spent away from internet, mobile phones, laptops. A holiday spent sitting at home doesn't do that. Laptops & phones attract a person more than their family members do & checking an email becomes inevitable, or attending a phone call when you are in the middle of an easy, pleasureful, but not so important conversation with your spouse becomes inevitable, 
So I often prefer to go out for hikes or engage in some sports with my family
 I was really intrigued when I saw a video of players playing bubblefootball. 
Bubble soccer,  invented in 2011 in Norway  is the latest craze & looks way more fun than soccer. So, the players get inside this inflatable soccer ball & play soccer. They are safer than football and much lighter than any other sports equipment. Bubble soccer makes you spin,bounce and have a hearty laugh all the way. These special inflated balls protect you from every angle and let you enjoy the game.  & you get these TPU Bubble Footballs with 1 Free Pump - Buybubblefootball

How cool is that! Haven't you seen those little kids getting inside a bubble like ball & spinning in water. Don't they seem like having the best time of their life! Well now us adults can also enjoy & laugh & play & have fun just as much as they do. Also it is considered a good way to learn traditional soccer, since your upper body is inside the bubble ball & there are less chances of injury

All this fun "& laugh doesn't mean you don't get exhausted while playing this game. You can get some serious workout in half an hour of playing this game. Now I am making some sense, ain't I? Workout as well as fun. That's something of everybody's interest . Ain't it?

Not just that you can also do some serious advertising while playing this game by having your logo printed on the ball. For instance I can have " LETS DOLL UP!" printed on the bubble football.

Buybubblefootball  offer all sorts of  customization ideas, like logo-printing, personalized size, shape and design to their customers

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fashionmia: long trench coats

Hey Ladies,
Today Fashionmia  is talk of the town! Yes I found another cool website for you that sells cheap clothing. What pleasure & satiation a good deal/bargain gives, nobody knows it better than us girls. & for sure nobody does it better than us! Its that kind of pleasure a diabetes patient gets from getting to eat a piece of cake! Lolz, yea I am a major in exaggeration!
But cheap doesn't mean you need to sacrifice on the quality or trend. 

Fashionmia offers some beautiful long trench coats which are right on trend, strikingly beautiful & good quality too.

Colorful Lapel Trench Coat How chic & glamorous this piece is. Love the owl print

Stylish Lapel Trench Coat This looks regal, love the vintage key print

Printed Lapel Trench Coat This coat looks way more expensive than it actually is. Perfect for winters too

Doll Collar Trench Coat You'd look every bit a doll in this super cute trench coat
This is not it. Go to the website & check more beautiful pieces 

Monday, September 19, 2016


Hey Lovelies,
Today I want to introduce you to another online store that carries beautiful dresses called Dressthat
They carry dresses for every occasion, wedding dresses, homecoming dresses, party dresses, accessories, etc. All of the dresses are up to date with the latest trends, the quality is impeccable & really huge variety.

They also offer FREE Custom size,and choice of color. Not everybody fits the standard sizes, S, M or L. For a better fit we can opt for custom sizing
They ship everywhere, 230 countries, worldwide. 

Today I'll share with you some of my favorite yet cheap homecoming dresses

A-Line Scoop Knee-Length White Tulle Appliques Homecoming Dress with Pleat
Just how beautiful is this tulle dress in red & white!

A-Line Scoop Short Pink Tulle Lace Homecoming Dress with Bow 
A pink dress with lace bodice & a bow belt on the waist. That's like having everything a girl loves in one single dress

A classic  lace  black dress (LBD) I love the neckline of this one.

Each one of these dresses has its own drama , charm  & elegance. These are just a few of my favorites. Check out this site for more beautiful homecoming dresses online

Sunday, September 18, 2016

PEPLUM TOP with leggings in SINGAPORE

Hey Girlies!
This post can also be counted as a travel style post. Our flight to India had 12 hours halt in singapore, perfect for a quick tour of this spectacular country. As soon as we landed in singapore, I was really really impressed with the airport. OMG! the best airport ever... They have a butterfly garden rigt inside the airport. All these pictures except the second last one are taken inside the airport. 
Enough of the airport, lets talk FASHION now
I wore this comfortable mint colored top in the flight
paired with super comfy BLACK leggings
That's it !
Keep it easy in the flight & enjoy !

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