Friday, September 23, 2016


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Buybubblefootball Today's post is not directly related to fashion but still doesn't lack on the fun factor. Its about a new sport called Bubble Football.
Although not related to fashion, but its something I believe in & I'd love to try. In this busy world, what do you like to do to connect with your friends & family. I believe travelling & sports are two things that can really establish a connection with your dear ones. Its the time spent away from internet, mobile phones, laptops. A holiday spent sitting at home doesn't do that. Laptops & phones attract a person more than their family members do & checking an email becomes inevitable, or attending a phone call when you are in the middle of an easy, pleasureful, but not so important conversation with your spouse becomes inevitable, 
So I often prefer to go out for hikes or engage in some sports with my family
 I was really intrigued when I saw a video of players playing bubblefootball. 
Bubble soccer,  invented in 2011 in Norway  is the latest craze & looks way more fun than soccer. So, the players get inside this inflatable soccer ball & play soccer. They are safer than football and much lighter than any other sports equipment. Bubble soccer makes you spin,bounce and have a hearty laugh all the way. These special inflated balls protect you from every angle and let you enjoy the game.  & you get these TPU Bubble Footballs with 1 Free Pump - Buybubblefootball

How cool is that! Haven't you seen those little kids getting inside a bubble like ball & spinning in water. Don't they seem like having the best time of their life! Well now us adults can also enjoy & laugh & play & have fun just as much as they do. Also it is considered a good way to learn traditional soccer, since your upper body is inside the bubble ball & there are less chances of injury

All this fun "& laugh doesn't mean you don't get exhausted while playing this game. You can get some serious workout in half an hour of playing this game. Now I am making some sense, ain't I? Workout as well as fun. That's something of everybody's interest . Ain't it?

Not just that you can also do some serious advertising while playing this game by having your logo printed on the ball. For instance I can have " LETS DOLL UP!" printed on the bubble football.

Buybubblefootball  offer all sorts of  customization ideas, like logo-printing, personalized size, shape and design to their customers

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  1. Whenever I saw some kid playing inside closed ball like structure and rolling over the water,I always wished to experience the same. Now I can fulfil my that wish :)