Thursday, October 20, 2016



This gorgeous palazzo pant kameez is from Sareez The embroidery is really really b'ful, I accessorized it with a MAANG TEEKA ( head gear)

Hey Ladies,
Hope your karwachuth went great yesterday. Karwachauth is a one day festival when Indian women keep whole day fast, (no water or food) for the well being of their husbands. The fast is broken after the moon appears in the sky.
 Don't even get into thinking that India is a regressive country where women are treated badly & made to fast all day while the husband's well being is thought of more importance 
First of all yes it is a tradition that women does the fast
but Indian husbands are really sweet, many of my friend's husbands also fast wth ther wives ( Yes, You, I'm talking about you ), just because they don't want to eat if his wife is fasting
And my dad used to cook dinner for my mom
& How could I forget this one, the wives also get gifts from their husbands. 
Aren't Indian festivities the best, they make the relationships stronger, festivals like these make you love your partner even more, remind you how amazing the love of your life is. 

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