Saturday, December 16, 2017

4 Tips to Choosing a Mother of the Bride Dress That Does Not Look Elderly

Choosing a dress to wear during your daughter’s wedding can be tricky, but still an exciting process. 
As the mother of the bride, you are not only a guest but you are also there to support your daughter. 
Of course, you do not want to upstage the bride but you also want to look just as stunning next to her. 
While it is always a welcome strategy to dress for your age, it doesn’t always mean that as a mother, 
you have to look matronly. Fashion is eternal and is always open to interpretation. 
If you are comfortable and you feel confident with the dress, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t
 wear the dress to your daughter’s wedding.
To guide you further in choosing a mother of the bride dress, here are four tips to keep in mind.
1.   Choose a Style that Fits the Overall Theme
Instead of worrying too much about clashing colors and style, 
start by getting some ideas about your dress from the overall theme of the wedding. 
There are so many irresistible outfits to choose from if you just give yourself a chance. 
If it is a church wedding, a classic and elegant sleeveless dress paired with a sequined blazer 
is a smart move. If it is a beach wedding, you might want to try flowy or bohemian dresses – 
something light and comfortable to match the overall ambiance. 
If the wedding is in a unique location such as a vineyard or a garden, 
a knee-length dress with intricate flower embroidery would complement the beautiful surrounding.
2.   Show Your Best Assets
Mature women can still show off their best assets in a fashionable manner. If you have a slim figure, you can show it off with a slim fitting dress that is still flexible and comfortable to move around. 
If you have a nice shoulder and long neck, you can choose a sleeveless dress or if you want to highlight your long legs, a shorter dress is a good choice. 
Similarly, if you want to hide certain areas of your body, there are dress styles that can do the trick but still make you look great.
3.   Choose More than One Color
Life is more exciting with colors. The same is true for choosing a mother of the bride wedding dress. If the motif of the wedding is red, do not make the mistake of choosing a red dress from head to toe. 
There is a huge chance that you will upstage the bride in a not so good way. You can mix and match different palettes and wear something to neutralize the color.
 For instance, you can wear a pale red A-line dress with a darker red colored hemline and pair it with a black slim belt. 
You will look fresh and young without blinding the other guests when you walk down the aisle.
4.   Watch those Lengths
At the least, you want to be comfortable. If you choose a dress that reaches your toes, you might find it difficult to move around. A great length for the mother of the bride dress is knee-length or just below the knee. 
During the reception, there will more walking around, greeting guests, taking photos and even dancing. You don’t want to trip over because you stepped on your dress.

Friday, November 10, 2017

4 Trendy fashion tips for winter 2017

As the seasons change, people move from the warm summer through autumn weather and into the cold chilly winter weather. This winter season the trend is more about comfortability and individuality of style with the multitude of trends in the fashion industry. Runways and catwalks have displayed styles with protective lines, knits, prints, and padding.
Think of styles that would complement your wardrobe during this winter season. You can keep warm and at the same time maintain a classy, sexy look that makes you feel great. You shouldn’t run short of choices when it comes to dressing up. Fashion experts at have the solution to all your wardrobe challenges during the winter season. They have a huge collection of styles for plus size women ranging from size 12-24.
Let’s take a look four of the trending fashion tips that will give you a great style and still keep you warm.

1. Fur Coats

This season fur coats have been one of the trendiest fashion styles on catwalks. With a variety of colors that complement your fashion style, fur is a classic fashion choice. Winter is the only season that you can wear fur so make it fashionable. Fur coats can be worn matched with hats and wraps, keeping you warm all through the season.
They also come in a variety of colors that choose from ranging from black, brown and champagne.

2. Prints and Patterns

Designers have been busy with prints, dots and different types of patterns this season. They have been mixing and matching prints and materials for a classic look.
Polka dots offer a simple, classic look, but have one limitation. The polka dot fashion mostly looks best when in a black and white color combination.
Galactic prints and leopard/cheetah prints are quite stylish and glamorous. Scarf prints have been introduced as well with a bohemian touch added to them.

3. Office attire

Office wear can be turned into a presentable and classic outfit. Just like prints, checks can be incorporated into official coats for an elegant appearance at work. They give a cool look, especially when worn with bold accessories. Checks can also be added with embroidery for a change of style and lovely look.

4. Puffed up jacket

The puffed up jacket gives you a choice between a plain neutral colored jacket and a floral print. Initially known to as jackets that were worn for various activities such as cycling and taking a walk, which is no longer the case now. Puffed up jackets have been restyled with quilted padding creating a lightweight, comfortable and warm feeling that can withstand cold temperatures. This is evident from the numerous times that they have been highlighted on catwalks, fashion photography and worn by famous celebrities or different occasions.
Most of the above trends are on fashion shows. However, this does not mean that you cannot purchase one for yourself. Fashion stores have a great collection that you can choose from and still get that classic and glamorous look.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Easy Fashion Checklist On Stylebest

Shopping online can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. There are so many options and you definitely do not want to find the same boring pieces as all the other shoppers on there. Stylebest has created the “Easy Fashion Checklist” as the answer to your shopping needs. Unique items at amazing prices. The site is able to get a corner of the untapped market by working with cutting edge Asian designers to bring you clothing not found anywhere else.
It was born as a sister site from another website that couldn’t handle the amount of fashion traffic it was getting. So, Stylebest was created to better cater the best that the warehouses had to offer. We handpicked the best items to feature on the site and continue to find the best our designers have to offer. By studying the latest fashion news staff at Stylebest makes sure the most affordable yet stylish are available for purchase at a discount price. We pride ourselves on having some of the most unique clothing on the web. With this power we created the easy fashion checklist.
Stylebest has some amazing, crazy items on the site. However it is important to have some essentials in your wardrobe. We have compiled a list of our must-haves. These are the items every person needs to have in their closets, the extremely important foundation all style aesthetics are built upon. Each can vary depending on taste and location but we have chosen the ones that are most useful to all body types no matter where those bodies are living.
Low Cut Backless Slip Skater Chambray Dress
First we have the classic skater dress, with a geometric cut out in the front. It is extremely versatile and cute. The shape leaves a lot of room for curves and comfort.
This mod skort was chosen because skorts can be very underrated. The skirt + shorts combo is flattering and lets you move around with confidence. This one is also very easy to match with any top, no matter how loud.
Crisscross Neckline Distressed Cotton T-shirt Round Collar Summer Tee
Finding a shirt that goes with everything can be hard. But this tattered, cross strapped, v neck tee does it easily. It’s also extremely comfortable so you can wear it around the house.

Ethnic Style Spiral Ear Drops
Stylebest is a big fan of having statement earrings. We think these earrings are just the answer to everything. They are large enough that you don’t need to wear any other jewelry but are not obnoxious or gaudy.

Beaded Triple-stand Necklace

Lastly is the perfect necklace. This golden necklace is layered with different chains creates an delicate look that is easy to manage by simply wearing one necklace instead of going through the hassles of using 3 to create the look.

With these key items you are able to create your personal foundation to discover your style preferences. The easy fashion checklist continues to adapt to the world and fashion as time moves on, so keep checking in on our next posts. We hope you continue your search on Stylebest. Remember, we have everything you need and more!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

"A mother is always the beginning. She is how things begin."

We wish a very Happy Mother's Day to all the b'ful mothers out there. Being a mommy is the most beautiful gift that can ever be.
This beautiful dress is from Shein, I love the shoulder cut outs & the loose shift silhouette. Its very pretty & comfortable

Monday, April 10, 2017

Website Alert! Airmode

Hey Fashionistas!
Today we have another new online store to talk about. Its called airmode
This store has a great collection of beautiful dress, quite reasonably priced. I was really impressed with the variety of wedding dresses this store carries. You can find them under this section Robe de Mariée Pas Cher 

Each one of these dresses exude luxury & opulence. Check out this one fleurs tombent longue fermeture jusqu'à la cour élégant et luxueux la robe de mariée de l'église

This darling dress with off shoulders & ruffles on the neckline is sure to turn heads on your wedding day.  The dress is flattering while showing just the right amount of skin. Love the beautiful , beige color lace, & the way this dress hugs the curves, while enhancing the assets & hiding the flaws.  I love the long train of fabric at the back. This dress is a true stunner. A true chic perspective on a classic wedding gown

Friday, April 7, 2017

Website Alert!

Hey Ladies,
Today I'd like to introduce to a new online store called chicmall
You'll find a lot of trendy & reasonably priced clothes at this store. Some of the interesting dresses I found under the section günstige spitzen cocktailkleider

These are some out of this world beautiful Lace Dresses. And my favorite one of the lot is this particular one

sheath column winter friesen natural spring evening fall  summer  dress

Isn't it truly gorgeous. The dress will be perfect for a prom, or a wedding or any special occasion. The beautiful lace, The color & the brooch on the waist, Its all so elegant, beautiful. The pleats on the front & the sheer sleeves make it all the more interesting. And guess what, not only the dresses are very reasonably priced but also you have the liberty to choose the color, yes if you want the exact same dress but in a different color you are free to do that, you can have it in silver, gold, black, or if you are looking for a wedding dress, go with white. 
Also they've got the dresses in a range of sizes, from size 2 to plus sizes.
Now what more one would want? 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Website Alert!

Hey Ladies,
Today I'd like to take the opportunity to introduce to an online clothing store called Fashionmia
I'd say its a bargain store. You'll find a lot of cool trendy clothes like cheap bodycon dresses at a very reasonable price.
Round Neck Unique Style Tribal Printed Bodycon DressDeep V-Neck Asymmetric Hem Abstract Print Bodycon DressCaptivating Color Block Printed Round Neck Bodycon Dress
After all dressing well doesn't always have to create a deep big crater in your pocket. Isn't it to cool to be able to find the
 clothes of your choice at a fraction of price then what your peers/ friends are paying without compromising on the
quality/style. Well, that's exactly how you'll feel browsing through this store
Have a look at some of these fashion tops 
Tribal Printed Batwing Scoop Neck Short Sleeve T-shirtPlain Solid Long Sleeve T-shirtPrinted Chic V Neck Blouse

They are super trendy & super cheap. So is your wardrobe set for the spring season.
 I still feel its a bit cold & I'm eagerly waiting for the weather to warm just a tad bit more 
& I'll be set for the beach. Ah!! That reminds me how badly I need a vacation!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Bubble Soccer

Hey Ladies!
Today's topic is SPORTS
Yes talking sports might not be as fun as fashion but indulging into sports sure is. Its a great stress-buster & playing sports makes you fit, loose weight & all in all look great in any single of your dresses you ordered last night.
So here we go. The Sport in question is BUBBLE SOCCER

Bubble soccer ball is an exceptionally pleasant new game. The air pocket soccer just works like the ordinary football however they are very vast in size. However, it is safe from the real football game. There is no footwork required in this Bubble soccer ball. You can also rent bubble soccer ball if you want. But when you are going to get it from a person who is renting it, then first check its quality and damages. 
Individuals are playing bubble ball soccer game in their birthday parties, outdoor parties, cocktail parties and other different events. You can without much of a stretch buy your preferred Bubble soccer ball from Inflatable-zone. We are offering the Bubble Suit soccer balls with quality assurance and expert services. These Bubble suit soccer balls will keep you safe from each angle, and you would only have fun.
Bubble suit soccer is made up of high-quality plastic material which would not get any sort of damage from small stones, rocks, or any other hard or sharp thing. It will not get burst if you have purchased it in good quality. These balls are quite big in size, but that does not mean that they are heavy. They are light in weight, and you can easily move them anywhere you like. You can easily spin yourself or bounce many times as you want.
 You can get this Bubble suit soccer in different designs, sizes, and colors. It does not matter if you are too thin or too fat; we have got the bubble suits soccer of your size. We are also providing customized Bubble suit soccer for the satisfaction of our customers. Every bubble suit soccer ball has been checked many times before shipping. You do not even have to worry about the price as each ball is provided at an inexpensive rate.
rent Bubble suit soccer
Inflatable Zone: Bubble Soccer Ball

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Ready for spring

Hey Loves!
Spring is almost here & what does that mean in the fashion world. It means time to update your wardrobe, declutter your wardrobe, buy some new clothes, donate some old ones, etc.
Well if you ask me, decluttering isn't something that's on the top of my mind but buying new clothes is always on the top of my mind.
I found some really cool clothes at some websites which I'll share here with you today
I've already introduced you to the website called STYLEWE. This dress had me drooling all over my laptop. Just look at the print, the princess darts , pockets, the flare, the length, its so me!!
Floral Gathered Sleeveless Casual A-line Midi Dress with Belt

Next up is this store called just fashion now, I picked some tops to go with shorts or jeans depending on the weather for the coming spring season
As you all might have guessed, I am a sucker for breezy cotton fabric with cute vintage embroidery, or boho, tribal prints. & by now the whole world must have known about my obsession for off- shoulders! Ah! I wish I could wear off shoulders all year round but for now let's just save them for spring & summers

Burgundy Keyhole High Low Tribal Printed Tunic TopOff Shoulder Embroidered Girly Off Shoulder TopBlue Cotton A-line Embroidered Cute Crop Top

Sunday, March 12, 2017

New Year Giveaway winner

The Winner of this giveaway has been selected!
The winner is KV H
Please contact wsdear( to get your prize.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

How to style a floor sweeping Dress

 DRESS : Here
Hey loves!
Did you hear about my new found love! Drum roll Please! Its the floor sweeping dresses!!
I am obsessed. I feel they are sexy & at the same time classy & elegant, make you feel like a lady! Umm, Didn't see that coming? Well! I am 30+ now. haha!
I chose some chunky jewelry & tie on shoes to go with this dress.

There are so many ways I'd love to style this dress from makemechic, but since  I  recently moved to our new house & my clothes are yet to be unpacked, I'll leave that for later but below are some of my favorite ways to style this dress that you can expect to see in the coming days


1) Ripped Jeans : Give it a funky casual twist with ripped jeans
2) Thigh high Gladiator shoes : Uber sexy + casual
3) sans bottoms + cute bralette ( but wait until summers to bring your legs out ;) )
4) Keep it simple with tights & chunky jewelry