Friday, November 10, 2017

4 Trendy fashion tips for winter 2017

As the seasons change, people move from the warm summer through autumn weather and into the cold chilly winter weather. This winter season the trend is more about comfortability and individuality of style with the multitude of trends in the fashion industry. Runways and catwalks have displayed styles with protective lines, knits, prints, and padding.
Think of styles that would complement your wardrobe during this winter season. You can keep warm and at the same time maintain a classy, sexy look that makes you feel great. You shouldn’t run short of choices when it comes to dressing up. Fashion experts at have the solution to all your wardrobe challenges during the winter season. They have a huge collection of styles for plus size women ranging from size 12-24.
Let’s take a look four of the trending fashion tips that will give you a great style and still keep you warm.

1. Fur Coats

This season fur coats have been one of the trendiest fashion styles on catwalks. With a variety of colors that complement your fashion style, fur is a classic fashion choice. Winter is the only season that you can wear fur so make it fashionable. Fur coats can be worn matched with hats and wraps, keeping you warm all through the season.
They also come in a variety of colors that choose from ranging from black, brown and champagne.

2. Prints and Patterns

Designers have been busy with prints, dots and different types of patterns this season. They have been mixing and matching prints and materials for a classic look.
Polka dots offer a simple, classic look, but have one limitation. The polka dot fashion mostly looks best when in a black and white color combination.
Galactic prints and leopard/cheetah prints are quite stylish and glamorous. Scarf prints have been introduced as well with a bohemian touch added to them.

3. Office attire

Office wear can be turned into a presentable and classic outfit. Just like prints, checks can be incorporated into official coats for an elegant appearance at work. They give a cool look, especially when worn with bold accessories. Checks can also be added with embroidery for a change of style and lovely look.

4. Puffed up jacket

The puffed up jacket gives you a choice between a plain neutral colored jacket and a floral print. Initially known to as jackets that were worn for various activities such as cycling and taking a walk, which is no longer the case now. Puffed up jackets have been restyled with quilted padding creating a lightweight, comfortable and warm feeling that can withstand cold temperatures. This is evident from the numerous times that they have been highlighted on catwalks, fashion photography and worn by famous celebrities or different occasions.
Most of the above trends are on fashion shows. However, this does not mean that you cannot purchase one for yourself. Fashion stores have a great collection that you can choose from and still get that classic and glamorous look.