Saturday, December 16, 2017

4 Tips to Choosing a Mother of the Bride Dress That Does Not Look Elderly

Choosing a dress to wear during your daughter’s wedding can be tricky, but still an exciting process. 
As the mother of the bride, you are not only a guest but you are also there to support your daughter. 
Of course, you do not want to upstage the bride but you also want to look just as stunning next to her. 
While it is always a welcome strategy to dress for your age, it doesn’t always mean that as a mother, 
you have to look matronly. Fashion is eternal and is always open to interpretation. 
If you are comfortable and you feel confident with the dress, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t
 wear the dress to your daughter’s wedding.
To guide you further in choosing a mother of the bride dress, here are four tips to keep in mind.
1.   Choose a Style that Fits the Overall Theme
Instead of worrying too much about clashing colors and style, 
start by getting some ideas about your dress from the overall theme of the wedding. 
There are so many irresistible outfits to choose from if you just give yourself a chance. 
If it is a church wedding, a classic and elegant sleeveless dress paired with a sequined blazer 
is a smart move. If it is a beach wedding, you might want to try flowy or bohemian dresses – 
something light and comfortable to match the overall ambiance. 
If the wedding is in a unique location such as a vineyard or a garden, 
a knee-length dress with intricate flower embroidery would complement the beautiful surrounding.
2.   Show Your Best Assets
Mature women can still show off their best assets in a fashionable manner. If you have a slim figure, you can show it off with a slim fitting dress that is still flexible and comfortable to move around. 
If you have a nice shoulder and long neck, you can choose a sleeveless dress or if you want to highlight your long legs, a shorter dress is a good choice. 
Similarly, if you want to hide certain areas of your body, there are dress styles that can do the trick but still make you look great.
3.   Choose More than One Color
Life is more exciting with colors. The same is true for choosing a mother of the bride wedding dress. If the motif of the wedding is red, do not make the mistake of choosing a red dress from head to toe. 
There is a huge chance that you will upstage the bride in a not so good way. You can mix and match different palettes and wear something to neutralize the color.
 For instance, you can wear a pale red A-line dress with a darker red colored hemline and pair it with a black slim belt. 
You will look fresh and young without blinding the other guests when you walk down the aisle.
4.   Watch those Lengths
At the least, you want to be comfortable. If you choose a dress that reaches your toes, you might find it difficult to move around. A great length for the mother of the bride dress is knee-length or just below the knee. 
During the reception, there will more walking around, greeting guests, taking photos and even dancing. You don’t want to trip over because you stepped on your dress.