Monday, November 26, 2018

Reusing a Bridesmaid dress and (heads up!) major ranting ahead :P

Hey friends!
Hope you all are having a fantabulous time with all the festivities and amazing #blackfriday deals.
And and and  I know this might be becoming a 'usual' on this blog, my recurrent excuse for being MIA from the blog. So in all honesty , as much as I love you guys , my amazing readers and this blog which is my baby, I also love taking breaks from the digital world every once in a while and  when I do so , I don't even check my emails, and although it might sound pretty strange and kinda extreme, I for one , enjoy that. Its kinda nice to take it all EASY, in an old worldly way, watching TV while chopping veggies, doing everyday chores at your own pace and not in a haste, talking with  friends and enjoying the time without having to worry what content I might have posted in that time, yes all this blogging sometimes gets very  overwhelming.... so let me just put it this way that I was enjoying my time in the real world but I have it all recorded for you guys in my little cam for you to enjoy and for your fashion inspo.....
My styling is pretty simple here. Putting a bridesmaid dress to use is possible and in a number of ways.
 Here I'm  going with zero accessories and a minimalistic route since the dress isn't casual style and the bodice is more structured, I wanted to keep it as less fussy as possible.
There could be million other ways to style it, for instance tie a knot at the bottom and show off some leather boots in a boho way.
I also would love to style it with a heavy indian dupatta probably next time in next post. Lets see how it turns out to be.


Thursday, June 28, 2018

Wild is her Style

Dress : similar
Hat: here

"WILD is her style; in life, love and all things free..... . ."

Red is always a striking color, a perfect "pick me up" on a drab day; or when you're feeling romantic, its the color of love; or when you wanna make a striking first impression fashion-wise, the perfect color of choice, & well! also perfect for an  attention grabbing grand entrance!
right? so no need to shy away from this beautiful color this summer! coz RED is HOT!!

Here I've teamed my red dress with a brown leather belt, its the easiest way to give a casual touch to any dress and a straw hat

This beautiful women maxi dress will work just as well for a similar look

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Chambray jumpsuit

Jumpsuit : Eshakti
Hey Lovelies... Enjoying the weekend?
Me too.
So today I'm wearing a chambray jumpsuit from Eshakti.
I have this thing for chambray, I guess, at the moment its my favorite fabric. 
Another thing I'm obsessing over are bandannas as hair bands. I never knew it was so easy to make a bandanna hairband, just fold it diagonally many times, until you get the width you desire and wrap it around your head and tie it in a cute bow. Ta- da!!
They instantly give your look a cutesy retro vibe.

Lets talk about the jumpsuit. I love cold shoulders and ruffles, and since its chambray, I had to get this. you know, at Eshakti, you can get any dress custom made, just submit your measurements. Although this time around I wanted to try their standard sizes, so I went with a small, which fits perfectly. In the past I've tried their custom measurements feature and the outfit came out great.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Let's Dude Up

Well! Well! Well! Presenting my handsome baby brother who's obviously not a baby anymore.
You guys must have already noticed the blog name change. Its now called : Lets doll up and dude up!
I think its about time we added more dimension to the blog, well the handsome guys in our lives need some inspiration too!
And I'll let you in on a secret since I loooove you, this is a look from the day before , he slept in the same outfit, then woke up the next morning and we were just exploring the hotel property and decided to take some pics.. SO if you guys want that bed hair look, you know its easy!

Pulling this look together:
*We paired a crisp cotton White button up paired with blue flat front shorts, and slip on shoes
* Tip : opt for slip on socks ( Ladies if you're rolling your eyes while reading this and having that duh moment, well, guys need to be told... take it from a life full of experience with 3 guys)
Let me know how you like this post on Men's Fashion

Monday, April 16, 2018

In the midst of desert : Death valley

Hey peeps, how are you all?
These pics were taken in death valley.
It was an amazing trip. We were in death valley for 3 days, we did camping for one day which was fun. It was  our first camping experience, can you believe it? & even though we were under prepared (no mattress, no bug repeller spray, carried flashlights but forgot batteries), it was still a lot of fun.
We heard coyotes in the middle of night, which alone seemed like an adventure for rookies like us.
It was really an amazing experience spending 3 days, without internet, or phone network.
At first when my hubby planned this trip, me and my bro were not completely sold, we were like, what can you expect from a desert. But boy, were we wrong!
Such is nature, never fails to amaze you. I wish we were a bit less lazy and could explore more. Although it was pretty hot which limits you more than you can imagine.
Do I recommend this place? : Hell yeah! 
Can I visit this place again? : Absolutely yes!
Here I'm wearing a sheer fringed top with a crop top underneath and women shorts accessorized with a necklace, aviators and y trusted leather bag
 : /


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Hello Spring!

Finally the best time of year has arrived, time for beautiful blossoms, the pleasant weather and most importantly SHORTS
We went on a road trip to death valley, and these pictures were clicked at our hotel property close to death valley. Such good property, I tell you. We really did enjoy our stay there, and clicked lots and lots of pictures, how could we not?
For this look i went all boho,  accessorizing with headgear, and lots of silver jewelry.
So on our way to death valley, we even stopped to do some shopping, and I got this top from there. 
This top I've worn reverse, like the back is in the front. I kinda like to do such hacks when traveling, when almost always I am short of clothes, being able to wear a top twice really helps.
Very soon I'll post all the pictures we clicked inside death valley
Until then enjoy this outfit Post