Monday, November 26, 2018

Reusing a Bridesmaid dress and (heads up!) major ranting ahead :P

Hey friends!
Hope you all are having a fantabulous time with all the festivities and amazing #blackfriday deals.
And and and  I know this might be becoming a 'usual' on this blog, my recurrent excuse for being MIA from the blog. So in all honesty , as much as I love you guys , my amazing readers and this blog which is my baby, I also love taking breaks from the digital world every once in a while and  when I do so , I don't even check my emails, and although it might sound pretty strange and kinda extreme, I for one , enjoy that. Its kinda nice to take it all EASY, in an old worldly way, watching TV while chopping veggies, doing everyday chores at your own pace and not in a haste, talking with  friends and enjoying the time without having to worry what content I might have posted in that time, yes all this blogging sometimes gets very  overwhelming.... so let me just put it this way that I was enjoying my time in the real world but I have it all recorded for you guys in my little cam for you to enjoy and for your fashion inspo.....
My styling is pretty simple here. Putting a bridesmaid dress to use is possible and in a number of ways.
 Here I'm  going with zero accessories and a minimalistic route since the dress isn't casual style and the bodice is more structured, I wanted to keep it as less fussy as possible.
There could be million other ways to style it, for instance tie a knot at the bottom and show off some leather boots in a boho way.
I also would love to style it with a heavy indian dupatta probably next time in next post. Lets see how it turns out to be.