Saturday, July 27, 2019

Crop top for summers

 Hey Friends!
Hope you guys are having a rocking weekend. Crop tops and high waisted shorts are always so trendy and a go to outfit for summers. Crop tops if styled right always look so chic, and it is a very versatile piece of clothing .I find the easiest way to style crop tops is to pair them with a high waisted bottom. And the general rule of thumb is that if the top is loose, go for a tight bottom ( just the way I styled this outfit) and if the the top is tight, opt for a loose bottom
Another favorite trend that you can spot here is combining dressy clothes (jacquard shorts) with super casual ones (t-shirt)
I literally can't stop myself from wearing bandanas this summer. I find them super cute and they add a little retro flair to your outfit.
That's it for today.... Bu bye!


  1. Amazing outfit. I really love this post. Your blog is great. It’s very interesting. Your blog is very nice !!
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  2. Love your outfit. You look so cute with it!

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